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Broken... simply broken 🤷‍♂️

Just wanted to say it one more time in case someone out there hasn’t realized it or is in denial… the game is broken. Ludia, your game is broken… you broke it.

Boosts are fun and whatever, I have some boosted dinos and I’ve spent some hard cash getting a couple of boosts so don’t tell me any of the “buy some boosts and you wont think that!”.
But… boosts broke the game, that’s all.

:smile: hope everyone has a wonderful day


Hi Tenontorex. I need in my line up. But tenonto rare hates me.

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@Sixty-Four tenontorex is a beauty, isn’t she? :heart_eyes: rare tenonto is now 1 of 2 rare park spawns! Find a nice park and you’ll end up seeing quite a few now :slight_smile:


The balance is now inbalance.