Broken Stegodeus


So when my Stegodeus cleanses himself with a shield active it removes the shield but I’ve played oppenants that this doesn’t happen to. How do you unlock the working Stegodeus?


Are you sure the shield didn’t expire? It’s only good for 2 turns.


Seems kinda useless if one turn counts after already being attacked then


Then stop using it when you’re slower than the other Dino :stuck_out_tongue:


O the other players I see use shield, then use cleanse and keep there shield for another turn have a magic stegodeus that has a 3 turn shield?


Yes. We all have a magic stegodeus except yours. Its like always on those posts. You always get hit for Crits and we are the crit dealers. You get stun-locked while we are stunning all opponents

Most surely the shield expired and you mixed with superiority strike. I am going to test this but i think it is just another mad/tilt post