Broken stuff that easily could have been fixed

So many things broken in this game that any self respecting company / game / developer would have and could have fixed within the next patch or update but noooo not Ludia(crous). Still it’s driving many of us insane. What does Ludia do? Just keeps adding creatures and features. So stupid🤦🏼‍♀️

  • alliance chat is absurdly broken (many topics on this even including a full video!)
  • alliance board is broken (showing yourself last or no. 18 no matter what score)
  • last online is broken showing either all at <1 day or all of a sudden a bunch are over 3 days
  • connection an incoming message or battery status should NOT kill the entire connection to the game EVER (standard procedure with any problem given to support results in them asking if you tried to force close the game, well NEWS FLASH Ludia: YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO FORCE CLOSE IT AS YOU LOSE ALL CONNECTION IF YOU DON’T)
  • map the slightest disturbance (switching between apps or again getting a message) will lead to sanctuaries and supplydrops disappearing from your map entirely (in comes the force close again)
  • PvP connection “connection issue, catching up, please don’t press any buttons” yeah right… result you’re watching your entire team getting slaughtered while all you can do is… well… watch
  • advertisements so you speed up your incubator and get a slot machine advertisement, after it finishes there’s just NO way to close it… yet another force close.
  • sanctuaries creatures being placed and getting kicked out within a few hours while the sanc hasn’t reset yet, or just completely disappearing not being in the sanc, but unavailable in your roster as it’s supposed to be in a sanc.
  • Tournament trophy issues during weekend tournaments. The given amount right after you’ve won or lost a battle NEVER matches the actual amount. Also the leaderboard amount often doesn’t match the actual amount resulting in missing the correct awards.

These are not perceptive broken things, these are all ACTUAL broken things that should have been fixed months (or some recent ones weeks) ago. What’s wrong with you guys that you can’t solve this?


While all these things are annoying, being a software developer myself, I wouldn’t be so quick to call something “easy to fix” without knowing what’s the core issue, how it was implemented, and what’s the effort / impact ratio compared to the other items in the To-Do list.

Sometimes it’s the case that fixing something requires so many changes in other plaes, that the possibility of introducing more and more impactful bugs is not worth it.

Hopefully, they will get these working ASAP, but the existence of bugs in software does not necessarily mean laziness on the developer’s part or their apathy towards them.


Being a software developer myself I can tell you that some of these things ARE easy to fix, as they actually shouldn’t even occur in the first place. With proper testing or even automatic testing there should be a lot less issues.
Some of the bugs have been in the game over a year (chat issues nearly 15 months).
It’s simple. There is a lack of quality assurance in the headquarters. I work with health care software, so if anything goes wrong we have to fix it on the day itself, and every feature we build goes through an extensive test phase and will be reviewed by at least 10 people before it goes to production. And our company is a lot smaller with a lot less revenue and profit than Ludia.

I understand that there is an effort/impact ratio here, but don’t forget that any gaming experience should be smooth. There are practically no games out that have this many obvious bugs. I personally have never encountered anything like this.

Connection issues might be difficult to fix, I agree on that. I know this is a long process with lots of testing and it’s hard to fake a connection drop at a certain point to get all scenarios in the picture. Doesn’t make it impossible and there are many easy fail safe mechanisms you can introduce to prevent issues like we’re having.

Disappearing items on the map? Should be an easy fix. Trophy count in a simple 50 item list? Come on man, an intern can fix that.
Last online broken? Ha! A simple request to the server, a simple response from the server. This is programming basics anyone should be able to figure out.
And the thing is, these things are broken AT INTRODUCTION and never fixed. They are not tested whatsoever. There is something really wrong in their development process. (And many things are right, the parts of the game that do work are pretty awesome)


Nothing to add to Tielenaars response. My thoughts and experience exactly. There are many developers around on this forum😉

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I agree with his response to a higher degree as well. His response is actually nuanced. He acknowlegedes that connection issues are hard to fix, that there are things done right in the game, and that some of the bugs that exist should actually be easy to fix.

Trophy count in a simple 50 item list? Come on man, an intern can fix that.

I agree. Then again, 1.12 is the first time I’ve seen it. Don’t think it’s a long standing issue.

Some of the things you have enlisted are things that I’ve personally never encountered, and I play this game a ton. I don’t think they are happens every time to everyone kinda bugs.

I don’t think any of us have access neither to their code, nor to the their working schedule and deadlines to know how much time they have to deal with these things. My issue is that your title makes it sound like they have all the time and the opportunity to fix all these things, but they just choose to scratch their butts instead. And I wouldn’t be so hasty in blaming others with laziness or incompetence without knowing the full picture.

I’m not a software dev, infact I don’t know much about it at all.

But what I do know is that some of the bugs this game has are absolutely crazy, and with the money the company is making from the sale of boosts every day now, they should be working on fixing them.

It’s the lack of communication that gets me.

Other companies send players info on what they are working on. The game may be down for ten minutes while they apply a fixing patch, and they tell the players what they have fixed.

Ludia don’t do this, they wait for the players to tell them what’s not working. Half the time the problems occur at the weekend and as everyone knows, Ludia shuts down Friday afternoon and doesn’t open again until mid morning on a Monday. And with the amount of national holidays in Canada sometimes it’s not till Tuesday!

Even then, all we get is a msg from a mod saying the team are now aware, and nothing else till it’s supposedly fixed.

When have Ludia ever admitted chat is not working as it should?
Why did we suddenly find our own account always sits at the bottom of the alliance?
Why are friendly battles so buggy?
Why doesn’t the weekly tournament show the players proper score?
Why do we have to constantly reboot the game to keep the map working?

A bit of communication would go a long way.


Plot twist: chat is working exactly as they intended lol.

Also tip on the map: you don’t need to reboot, just go to the swap app screen (no idea what it’s called, on Android it has the square at the bottom, and it shows you all the running apps). This forces the map to reload. Works for: everything missing off map, and the unable to tap on anything bug.


It’s intended to be broken? Why?

Yeah, just “alt-tabbing” out of the game usually fixes many issues.
For me the chat and donations is something that always requires a hard restart, not much else.

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Because Ludia. -> “When have Ludia ever admitted chat is not working as it should?”

I believe they have. The announced there would be a backend overhaul that had to be done first before the chat could be fixed. This was like half a year ago already.

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Now not even the restart fixes the chat bugs. I see donations list missing or scattered, and the messages do not get arranged by the proper dates anymore. It was surprisingly fixed for a short moment upon newest patch’s release. Then it went downhill fast 2 days later.

Brilliant isn’t it? Chat gets worse every update :slight_smile: They introduced this wonderful “connecting to chat server” message, which contains bugs of its own to make it even worse!


It’s normal that a company wouldn’t disclose their source code :slight_smile: For one, because some devs might be ashamed of it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m absolutely not denying they have deadlines and I’m also not necessarily blaming the devs themselves. (Why would I blame a dev, while being one)
I KNOW how companies work and I KNOW that the reason these things don’t get picked up is because their managers/business owners/product owners/sales directors/CEO/etc are the ones who decide the road map.
“If there is extra time we will fix bugs”. There is never extra time. They operate on rather strict deadlines as they want to pump out an update every 2 months to keep the game fresh. I find it impressive what they sometimes do deliver in such a short time.
I’m sure many devs want to fix these issues and I don’t believe for a second that all these bugs are news to them. There is just horrible people in power there. Probably the same who make the decisions about boost sales and other idiotic things in the store.

As @Schtemty said, the lack of communication to the public is horrible, but having them tell us that the chat won’t be fixed in the next patch is not something they want to convey, I’m sure.


Doesn’t do the trick on iOS

Darn. Well, I’m guessing the coding for it is slightly different.

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Not being able to click on things should be fixed that way on iOS though, I remember doing that on my old iphone.

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Just being a Dev yourself (as I am as well) doesn’t make up for the lack of proper testing and fixing one bug while worsening or introducing another. There are plenty of people who actually do have access to their coding (hence the fact we already know armour and crit boosts are already embedded) and even that knowledge can’t make them change or enhance the performance as that’s up to Ludia. As Tielenaar said: they make loads of money off this game. And all that’s been improved is their turnover. Leaving us with a crappy performing game that keeps demanding more and more of its players (time, effort and investments) while making it harder and harder to do so. That’s shameful.

Trust me… it doesn’t. There’s nothing to click on to begin with

I don’t know much about software development, though I see some problems that JWA have. From playing PoGo I noticed some things. Back then in 2016 or early 2017 there was and update in PoGo, where I could only get into the game on two or three places in local park, if game crashed. Of course game crashed a lot then. Every other update had performance issues, due to too much data in background. Later Niantic worked on improving quality of performance with less background data and game is smoother now.

I’m sure that JWA has same problems and more complex pvp just adds more issues. They need to work on performance quality, but that probably require a lot of time.

Some issues though are probably not their fault. Battle bugs are mostly problem of phones running out of working memory during long battle sessions or/and running many different apps on phone at the same time. Though game background data storage increases these problems.

Noticed that disappearing attack and some other battle related bugs happen to me when I battle a lot. Then I usually close the app and clean cache.

Though they should work on game stability (map issues) urgently, as every update can make it even worse.


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I’m on an iPhone XR with an abnormal amount of internal memory. Game runs without any other app openend. It’s not my phone nor my internet connection … it’s the app.