BROKEN Tournament Suggestion

Instead of 30 points got losing a match, why not decrease it to 25 points so to give us players a reason to grind out the tournament.
I just fought two hours only to lose back to 0 with nothing to show for my time except frustration.

Also, there’s got to be a better matching system. I was facing either level 6 or level 24 dinos. Neither is very fun matchup.

I’m excited to see how you can improve the tournament. It’s a fun addition, but is currently broken and not very fun.



its loads of fun if you put a years worth of time and effort into your dinos. i like the lose 25 trophies though. thats a good idea


They already tried that during the whole AI fiasco. If people can just grind the whole tournament, winning is going to be determined by who has 2 days to spend doing nothing else but grinding. Be careful what you wish for. I would like to see a trophy range though so there isn’t a lot of people with the same trophy count though. It’s hard to see where you really rank with so many sharing the same trophy count.


Anything would be an improvement over what it is now. It’s simply not fun. For me, at least.

Doing this would make it so folks with more time could pass those with better teams for the intended limitations.

Not saying I’m against this but is that what we want? A who has the most free time comp?

How about we skip all that and you make a better team? I fought a grand total of 10 minutes to make top 400 in the last tourney.

I’d rather grind more, and see progress, the play two hours and feel nothing like wasted time. I know it may not be a perfect fix, but it’d be a hell of a lot better then what it is.

Maybe a shorter 4 hour event or something.

Good, another person with some wisdom for how terrible ideas actually work when implemented. Cheers sir

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If your team sucks two hours of grinding should be a waste. That’s what a tourney is.

I have an average Dino level of 16. I get matched with dinos level 6/7 and next fight I’m fighting vs level 24s.

Say what you wish about my sucky team. Bottom line is if it’s not enjoyable, people won’t spend money. And I mean enjoyable for players with ALL LEVELS OF TEAMS.

If your team is not better than the comp it won’t go forward in ranking. That’s what competition is. Your team that you’ve built is simply not better than that. I guess we could make a feel good participation trophy badge for folks or something. Lol millennials

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They are trying to make tournaments for all level teams. They just can’t make all level teams happy in every tournament. That’s why they are running multiple tournaments closer together & adding the new seasons. If they don’t have any tournaments that are at actual team level, they are going to loose higher team level players. If they don’t have controlled level tournaments, they will loose the mid & low level players. I think the main attraction of the tournaments is to have a change of pace from the arenas. Try to enjoy seeing which type of tournaments you like better. It could be worse. Could be more of the same.