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Broken trophy system

Been battling for the last couple hours, trying to get to 4500 from 4400… But Everytime I win a game I go up 20 trophies, lose a game and drop 30-40… With the broken RNG in this game there’s never a way to progress… This crap needs to be fixed… And if I’m losing to someone with 26+ dinos I should not be losing 40 trophies…

It’s pathetic… more and more of these in Lockdown. That’s 2500+ trophies. All of them dropping and gaining for the alliance missions or because the dna in their arena incs sucks… sick of it. image

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Ludia needs to increase trophy gainings compare to losing … I really don’t understand why Ludia is trying to hold back on giving trophies? Top 250 to Top 100 is like packed with 150 trophies difference max which is just sick and insane …

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Next fight after the one I just posted… again. This time I got the better hand. But it’s sickening insane. image image


Made it as far up as 4455 then dropped down to 4275 with RNG and trophy unbalance.

Guy I just fought at 4200 had level 27 dinos and I still lose 30 trophies…

Thats Thanks 2 St. Patricks day :see_no_evil:. Leuk een keer een speler uit NL tegen te komen by the way :wink:

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Made iT above 4750, camp for two days. Missed 100 Erlik DNA tho that sucked

Play 5 and win 3 and end up with less trophies than ya started with. It is very broken :neutral_face:


The whole arena battling system needs a complete overhaul.

Get rid of this trophy thing completely. It just drives everyone to work for and play the same dino’s over an over leaving 150 that never get played. Trophy’s are what you would win in tournaments.

Check this suggestion: Battle Arena Overhaul and Arena Additions

Yes… keep bouncing arround… +20 and then -30 :roll_eyes:

I’m quite convinced it’s due to the terrible dna in higher levelled battle incubators as well as the events. Towards the weekends these things occur more often.
Especially since st Patrick’s didn’t deliver enough dna to create and uplevel these uniques. Anyway it’s ridiculous and should be stopped ASAP. En uh, geheel wederzijds uiteraard :wink:

It all boils down to one thing…
the total imbalance in handing out trophies that needs to be addressed promptly
LUDIA can we please get it right losing well over 300 to 500 trophies because we are constantly
getting stomped on by higher ranked players that have tanked their trophy levels to drop down the
list is complete and utter bullsh*t in anyone’s book plain and simple!. i was above 2500 trophies
but these higher ranked * TANKERS * soon put paid to that i got clobbered left, right and center
by these clowns and now i am floating around the 2,250 mark struggling to get back above the
2,500 mark because i am stuck in the * badlands arena * with no way in the foreseeable future
with all these TANKERS abusing the battle system all the damn time… if it keep up a lot of the player base that is currently doing battles will say to hell with it whats the point when TANKERS
just clobber the living crap out of us every blasted day ?? face it the TANKERS / cheaters abusing the system are killing it for the rest of us big time and we are on the verge of giving it up permanently if this continues for much longer !! if you think i am bluffing you only have to take a long hard look at
the player numbers doing battles lately and you can see it for yourself the numbers have dropped from well over 250,000 players per day down to a little over 92,000 players per day and very soon there wont even be that if this problem is ongoing for much longer !! … enuf said end of story… sorry for my rant everyone but most players reading this would agree with me in principle about the lop sided trophy awarding in battles to individual players… there is one simple solution to this and that is PERMANENTLY BANNING ALL CHEATERS / TANKERS if caught !! other gaming companies do this but so far LUDIA has severely dropped the ball where permanently banning all cheaters / tankers from the game is concerned.

Looks like they’re addressing that in next patch.

Only time will tell Christopher… they say it yes but will they do it … methinks not
we have seen however that the cheaters in this game are getting off lightly with
just a slap on the wrist and being told by ludia not to be so naughty or we will slap
your wrist harder next time. i mean it for real ludia come on do something correct
LUDIA please ban these cheaters / tankers permanently once and for all instead
of playing nice guys all the time get out the baseball bat and start swinging HARD
let these cheaters know they are no longer to be tolerated / treated lightly if you
get caught cheating then its hasta la vista baby your out of there for good !

I don’t know what’s been going on, but only a week ago, I had been sitting comfortably at 4200 trophies. Been around there for a month. Now, I’m lucky if I get a win in 5 fights. I’ve been sitting pathetically at 3800-3700 and unable to get back to where I was. Even when I do get back to 4000, I’m swiftly crushed back.

Something is going on with the balance here and it needs to stop. I can believe a losing streak, but with my players at the levels they’re at, this shouldn’t be happening.