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Broken Turtle

This Epic Turtle is a little too OP and I mean 60% armor! Ludia went crazy with Immune to Bleed . It’s either they lower its armor to 30%-40% or remove Immune to bleed and 50% armor . If you have any other ideas say them in the comments and if there is another OP dino say them also in the comments.
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60% armor is it’s special trait, It shouldn’t be removed. The only thing i would maybe change is make superior vulnerability only make the opponent vulnerable after the first attack, not before like It is now. Chompers like rex, Allo gen2, secodonto, and many more can take It out, so it’s not like It doesn’t have counters. If you get a bad matchup you are going to lose. If you don’t have a chomper or a bleeder and your opponent has a tank you are going to lose, nothing wrong with that. Armored creatures are good against non shattering dinos, the turtle is the armor god, but It doesn’t justify a nerf when the creature has plenty of counters.


I think it’s fine as is.


Isaah true it should just be supierer strike but I still agree itvshould be 50% instead

The turtle is fine.
You’re just seeing it in the tournament where a lot of its counters are excluded from it.
In the meta with all the chompers running around the turtle does not seem OP not even by a stretch.


The turtle is fine :confused: just learn to use defense shatter or other defense dinos on it. Jeez.

Anti armor moves are fairly common. 4 of 8 of my team has at least one move that is anti armor.

Isn’t the turtle’s attack also really low? I mean bleed will not work but stun, distract and evasion should all work. If it cannot move or is doing even less damage than it does normally it may be a slow battle (turtle speed lol) but it is winnable

This tournament is showing exactly how we got counters for it, like those that Isaah said and way more if we add hybrids and other rarities.

The problem I am noticing is that its SV is apparently cleansing slow! Or at least the SS move from Alanqa! It happened three times with me. I even thought this thread would be about that.