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Broken Uniques, max. 2 per team?

For the past week I am stuck around the 4700 trophies in Arena. The main reason I have come to realize is my opponents having these broken new/buffed Uniques since 1.4 (I always check my opponents team after a battle, just a habit of mine I guess).
My losses are most of the time linked to facing these 4 Dinos (sometimes in 1 match mind you); Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Diloracheirus, Utarinex.
The first two have their clear counters.
The latter two are the currently just broken, with no counters. They both can easily result in a 2 vs 0 trade off just because of their swap out ability, getting a lot of “free” damage in. Facing both of them in 1 match is simply a clear loss unless their stuns do not hit, then you may have a fighting chance. Instant charge should have stayed with a 2delay!!!

What I am wondering is if it would be possible/ balanced to limit the amount of Uniques that someone can
A. either put in in their “My Team” (lets say 2)?
B. limit the amount the RNG picks when entering a battle out of the “My Team”, (again to 2 Uniques)?

Maybe it’s just me, because I do not have 3 out of those 4 Dinos, (and nowhere near creating them)
Goes to say that Everyone has Indoraptor at my level since its the easiest Unique to get.
Maybe if I ever get them I may climb up trophies, and the 2 new Arenas. (Do want to point out I am Lv.20, grind daily usually at Night which explains not having those 3 Uniques since their components are Day spawns.
Also, on the lv.20 topic -> ALL my XP goes wasted now for creating / fusing Dinos? There is no XP progress bar anymore…

OR Ludias matchmaking system is not functioning at those high ranks? Cause sometimes when it searches for more than 30sec, it feels like the matchmaking just forces matches against impossible opponents (I was down to 4500 and it faced me against a 4900 with 4 Uniques, lv.27 Indoraptor, lv.21 Utarinex, lv.22 Trykosarus, lv.21 Diloracheirus & then lv.29 Stegodeus, lv.23 Allosinosaurus, lv.25 Tragodistis and for whatever reason a lv.21 Monostegotops. Apparently also legit/ no cheater since he has the “rank star” next to his name. Reason being, do not see the logic of the matchmaking system.
I’d rather have them match me against a easy bot or something that makes me climb 1 point in rank. Just so I can atleast get my Incubator slot. It is very discouraging to gather 4 Incubator since I need to lose 2 a 3 matches before I win 1 match for a Incub.

thats rediculous man. they are meant to be used. i dont think thats a solution. there are 8 spots and 8 uniques.

I have stegodeus at 30 to counter these last two uniques and is a simply and easy legendary to get


Limit opponents and you will get to 5,200 trophies. Or some number. Then you will be stuck at that level. Then what are you going to request next?

End of the day we all reach a equilibrium level and win/lose 50% of the time.


I feel your pain! I’ve lost 10 in a row more than once. It’s just stupid.

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Win lose 50%? Clearly a broken theory.
Do you realized that you’ll gain 27 trophies by winning; but lose 30 trophies when losing?
So, how can one progress by not winning more than losing?

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I am familiar with the equilibrium wall. And like I stated, I check my opponents team and far as I can say, THAT is not my wall. I am way outclassed facing those teams. SO, the matchmaking is where the problem is. I assume at the current moment its just based on trophies +/- 300 difference, and not looking at team composition at all.

Not a good idea, what would be the point of even creating uniques if you can’t use them?

Also just for the record, suggesting a change that doesn’t effect you is seen as being totally bias.
Like ppl who complain about Invincibility Emu (Monomimus) being OP simply because they don’t have one.

Wow, someone actually liked your BS comment xD

It all depends on the difference in trophies, you get more for beating people with higher trophies, you lose more for losing to people with lower trophies. I just lost 16 and then gained 43. Have gotten +49 before.

Worst idea of the week!

I think people that play a lot should be punished for creating so many uniques! They are stronger than me so why not ruining their fun?

Matchmaking are solely based on trophies, if you lose more than you win that means you’re not at your rank.
I can understand you’re frustrated because you can’t win. But is it a solution to ask for ruining over fun? Don’t you think we invest time or money to have these uniques? Just level up your team or change it. If your team is not strong enough to climb up, why should you climb up? No one is going to handle you trophies, everyone want them (except deranking obviously)

Ah and by the way diloracheirus is so easily countered that it’s not even fun :joy: