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This game is extremely broken!!! They need to fix the inconsistency on so many levels!

What inconsistencies?

Yes, what you are talking about would be nice to know . . .?

A little lesson about constructive criticism:
If you return a meal to a waiter and simply say “it’s awful.” It gives the waiter one piece of information and one piece of information only - you’re not happy. If you say “it’s too spicy,” or “it’s under-cooked,” or “this meal was not what I expected based off of the menu description,” it gives the waiter info on how to fix your complaint or make other recommendations.
Your post is helpful to nobody except yourself perhaps to vent. I hope it was cathartic for you. Meanwhile, If you could provide more info for your complaint, perhaps people in the community here could brainstorm solutions to suggest to Ludia in order to fix these problems. How can we help?


As your history teacher would say:
Please elaborate further with examples and/or evidence.