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Brontolasmus issues

I recently bred the Brontolasmus, and wanted to put him in my sanctuary to share his DNA with others, but the system won’t even show him on the list of dinos that are available to put in a sanctuary. Is this a bug, or is there a specific reason for this? Please help!

You can’t put hybrids in sanctuaries.
Also, the JWA hybrids weren’t bred, they were designed.


What is considered a hybrid then? Is that a dino where you have to keep fusing DNA to grow the creature? And he is considered Epic. But I have other dinos that have to have their DNA fused and considered Epic that I put into the sanctuary.
I guess I need to have explained to me just what a hybrid is, because I’m lost at the moment.

Hybrids are creatures you have to create with two other creatures DNA. They are generally stronger than other non-hybrids and can’t be put Sanctuaries for balance issues. A hybrid can also be a super hybrid if one of its components is a hybrid as well. An example being Thoradalosaur, one of the components for fusing it is Allosinosaurus, which is also a hybrid. That’s as best an explanation I can give at the moment.

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A hybrid is a creature that’s a fusion of two different ones, so yes that’s right. You fuse DNA so that you can level up (evolve) them. There are Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique hybrids.

Could you provide an example? Because that shouldn’t be possible.


If a dino is created by fusing one dino’s DNA with a different one’s, it’s a hybrid and can’t be placed into a sanctuary.

Can you give us the name of the creatures that you have put into a sanctuary