Brontolasmus vs edmontoguanodon

Ones pure rhino, ones pure hadrosaur, which is better

  • Edmontoguanodon, edmontosarus, iguanodon
  • Brontolasmus, brontotherium, elasmotherium

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I’d have to go for edmontoguanodon over lasmus, although lasmus has armor, the problem is brontotherium. A damaging move that has cooldown and delay is just a no, it can only damage with definite rampage, and the rare and epic rhino just lack a swap in, so edmontoguanodon with her two hadrosaur parents is my go.

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Especially that both Eddie and edmonto have some of the highest health in the game. And if we are talking 1v1 Eddie wins hands down. And team work again Eddie works great

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That is one beefy Ed you got there…

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Finally decided to get her this far.
Combination with my team is almost perfect though suffers from chompers quite a lot in 5500.


Brontolasmus is superior to edmontoguanodon, but Brontotherium is very trash. Overall, I’d still say brontotherium though