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Brontotherium and Elasmotherium are the dumbest AIs

These two creatures are the dumbest AI’s i’ve seen so far. All they do is their attackless priority move. I purposely did my weakest attacks on them to see what they do. Each time they survived 2 hits and died on the 3rd, but on all 3 turns they used priority move.

How dumb can the AI get? I thought the constant swapping was bad.


Yeah. They need a bit of tweaking. Defensive stance all day.

Bronto is understandable for first turn as it needs to warm up Definite Rampage but like you say they just use defensive stance!

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For me it’s Entelodon. Mutual Fury when Rampage is ready.

I ended up using Trex in that strike because I KNEW they were going to spam defensive stance every turn, and also because sometimes I use creatures I don’t normally use in my pvp team in strikes

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My Christmas Chicken had a lot of fun with those! :laughing: All I did was spam the basic nullifying strike every time they shielded.

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As soon as I saw them in the Strike Team I busted out my Thor :boom::boom::boom:


I want to use my dimorphodon vs that strike to see how many times they go for defensive stance
I’ll keep using pinning strike until elasmotherium comes in

Shh… be quiet.


Haha they aren’t difficult anyway. Just CHOMP and stun them down

I won the epic mammoth strike because brontotherium kept using the priority move.

(Laughs in campaign)

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