Brontotherium spawn?

Anybody have any idea what the deal is with brontotherium? He is not on metahubs/gamepresses spawn guide He’s not on any of the guides that I’ve seen no one has said anything about the fact that he spawns all the time He’s in my zone but he seems to be everywhere anybody hear anything about if he’s a zone 4 only spawn?

Also are sanctuaries now spawning dinos or is this like dinosaur spawn by supply drops/Park events?

See a lot in Local 2 too so I imagine Brontotherium is now a global spawn. Dont pay attention if it spawn at night also or just day/dawn and dusk.

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Yeah I see a lot in Local 2 too, I think they are global now. Probably because they know people don’t use it so they try and make it more available for people to get more dna.

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I’m Zone 3 and it appears frequently in the morning. Probably global spawn these days which is good.


Zone 3 all day


So it must be global then. Weird that it has gotten skipped…I figure it will be part of a hybrid soon so just gonna stock up.

I see a lot I’m zone 4.

I wonder if it’s about to get one of those easy hybrids like monolometredon? Remember how the common dimetredon was spawning everywhere and next to green supply drops even though it wasn’t an event dino? Then not long later it got the hybrid.

This mensage for ludia Look, you guys are going to have to fix this game, it’s getting a lot

What ever the spawning issue was it has since been rectified. Hope you extracted as much DNA as you could.

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Yeah, it seems like it has been deleted now XD