Brooch of Numbers Numbing: retsamerol's Guide to the Silverhand Trials

TL;DR Your PvP Matches will be very difficult in stage 1 (Season max + ~600 to start), difficult in stage 2 (season max + ~400), and then slightly less difficult in stage 3 (Season max + ~200). If you wish to finish this event, be prepared to budget around 500-1,000 gems. The trophy count does not seem to carry over between stages.

It is not wrong to skip this event. This event will leave you frustrated regardless how you choose to participate in it. Moreover, if the gear is bad, you are in fact diluting your legendary pulls by unlocking Silverhand Gear. It’s fine to just play enough games until you have to pay gems.


The mobile game Warriors of Waterdeep is releasing alternate legendary cards for their characters called “Silverhand Gear” through an event called the “Silverhand Trials” on February 12, 2020.

The month of March has been designated Silverhand Month, where a 4-day Silverhand Trial event will be held weekly.

Silverhand Gear can currently only be unlocked by completing a Silverhand Trial event. Once a “Silverhand Gear” is unlocked, it will be added to the pool of random drops (presumably at the same rate as legendary cards).

Initially, there were two “Silverhand Gear”: weapons for Halbenet, the Cleric and Shevarith, the Wizard. The prize during the initial release was randomized; some players received the weapon for Halbenet, while others received the weapon for Shevarith. [Note: Halbenet and Shevarith are the only two guaranteed characters that all players possess. This is presumably why the developers chose to give these two characters priority.]

During the first week of March, players are guaranteed to obtain the Silverhand Weapon for Halbenet.

Here are images of the Level 1 and Level 2 Cleric Weapon “Sword of Bright Blinding” courtesy of @Koyote:

Level 1

Level 2

Here is the image of the Level 1 Mage Weapon “Sword of Bright Blinding” courtesy of @Zeldoron:

Level 1 Dagger
Note: Level 2 of the mage weapon is reported to be

Forgotten Realms Lore

Laurel Silverhand is one of the Seven Sisters, a group of sisters who are all daughters and Chosen of Mystra (the Goddess of Magic), the Open Lord of Waterdeep and romantically involved with Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun until his death.

Laurel is one of the most prolific creators of magical items on Faerun, and presumably that’s why we’re getting Silverhand gear.

Unlock overview

For the first Silverhand Trial events, to access your Silverhand Gear, you must complete 3 Stages of the “Silverhand Trial" Heroic Adventure event.

  1. The first stage requires 7 PvP wins to clear, and players are given unlimited attempts to complete this stage.

  2. The second stage requires 14 PvP wins to clear. For the second stage, you can lose up to 3 times before you must pay 30 gems for each refresh to continue the Heroic adventure with up to 3 more losses.

  3. The third and final stage requires 14 PvP wins to clear. This cost to refresh rises to 60 gems for the third stage. [Thanks to @Koyote for providing these values.]

There are gold, equipment card and Brawl Chest rewards (which correspond to your arena level) along the way.

The original event will last starting from Wednesday February 12, 2020 at 9:00 am EST until at least Monday February 17 at 9:00 am est. The weekly events for Silverhand Month also span from Wednesday 9am EST until the following Monday at 8:59 am.

Event Matchmaking

For each stage, the event takes your highest Battle mode trophy count this season and adds a variable amount to it as your base event trophy count for beginning of the event (which I’ll also call Event Matchmaking Rating). [There is no point in tanking Battle mode trophies. It only wastes your time and aggrieved your fellow Battle mode players.]

Your event trophy count does not appear to carry over between stages if it is lower than your season max. Each time you start a new stage, you end up adding some number of trophies to your season max. Based on some testing, I believe these values are +600 for the first stage, +400 for the second stage and +200 for the third stage.

For a slightly outdated explanation of this hidden variable is used for matchmaking, see this post. Please note that the first bold item is no longer accurate, and sadly, no official documentation of the change has been disclosed by the developers. This post is one of the earliest documentation of the “stage-based inflation” of the event trophy count, to my knowledge.

The developers have complied with the players’ request to adjust the event trophy count based on the participant’s relative event trophy count, rather than their Battle mode trophy count. [For more detail, see: Recommendations to fix Test of Might ]

This means that players are no longer punished for early wins and no longer need to fear positive feedback loops that drive fights harder and harder.

Instead, players must now manage the trophy count inflation from starting each stage.

Recommended Approach

Skip this event. You will be frustrated no matter what your approach will be. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

If you feel like your time is less valuable than being an Amazon Mechanical Turk, then here’s what you can do to try to minimize your gem expenditure. Really though, if you engage with this event, the system is really gaming you.

The developers appeared to have engineered the system such that gaming it through losing deliberately will no longer be of substantial benefit. If you want the prize, play to win all your fights, and try to minimize your gold.

@Koyote also offers an alternative strategy: If you an handle a team of Level 20 bots consistently, use the stage trophy inflation to match only against bot players; never face a team of humans and you can do alright as well without the need for tanking.

I shall keep the following outdated information for posterity:
If the first stage has unlimited tries Play the first stage with intent to lose each match and try to push your current trophy count to about 1000 or so below your current season max. This will probably take about 50 games worth of losses. If this sounds terribly unappealing, then you’re right! It’s a huge waste of time and why I’m recommending against participation.

Even with this approach, you’re still looking at playing 100 or more games while likely paying 30 gems during stage 2 and then playing 14 games with close to 50% win rate and paying 300-500 gems during stage 3 to finish off the event.


Updated to fill in missing original information.

Big thanks to @Koyote for completing the event and reporting back a lot of the missing details.

Also thanks to @Zeldoron for the image of the new Mage weapon.

Kindly forgive the noob question, but I’ve never quite understood the mechanics of the “Test of Might” type events despite playing the game since it first dropped on iOS. Your (retsamerol’s) post seems to distinguish between “event trophy count” and everyday battle mode trophy count. Yet I’ve been playing stage 1 of the Silverhand trials (the unlimited entry tier) and win or lose, my trophy count hasn’t changed. Is that the expected behavior? If there is a separate trophy count just for the event, where can I see it?

Good Question. I believe I can explain the confusion.

While events are ongoing players are reportedly matched via an unseen ‘event trophy count’. The developers have chosen to conceal this number and instead display regular Battle Mode trophy counts, even though they are not used for match-ups during these periods.

Also the regular Battle Mode trophy counts are not impacted by event matches. Event matches only impact the unseen ‘event count’ so the visible Battle Mode count will remain the same.

Unfortunately, choosing to show the regular Battle Mode count during these periods has been a misstep by the developer. Players can plainly see how unbalanced the match-ups are during these periods. Event rigging results in variances of >1000 Battle Mode trophies for some players during these periods. This continues to frustrate and confuse players. It is also provides clear evidence the current mechanics are not working well for events.

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Thank you so much for your reply, Orloch. Very informative. Also reassuring, since now I know not to look for the number I’m not seeing.

Thanks for fielding the question @Orloch and asking the question @Prof_Chris.

I have updated the guide to add the missing piece of information.

It is relevant that the Ludia developers have opted to hide the Event Trophy Count. This is suggestive that they are attempting to obfuscate how the game works. Had it not been obfuscated, then the Stage inflation, and the earlier positive feedback look algorithms would have been readily apparent and players could have adjusted to it appropriately.

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Great post as usual @retsamerol.

That wizard weapon is absolutely appalling! Given that it’s going to be competing in rarity with the legendary staff, which is range 3 and the legendary special effect hits all enemies for 150% damage why on earth would anyone want to replace that with a 1 range melee weapon?? sure applying poision to all enemies is pretty good, I won’t deny that but so is nuking all enemies for 150% damage up front. I don’t think I would want to give up range 3 for a chance to poison in melee range, personally.

Now lets compare the cleric weapon two the two likely candidates it would replace.
1st up is the epic weapon that everyone loves. Base damage of 125% same as this silverhand one. 25% chance to proc a special effect, same as the silverhand. except it procs a lifesteal AND applies death ward to a random ally compared to a 1 turn stun on target from silverhand.
umm… I’d rather use the epic thanks. The number of times that death ward + lifesteal has turned a losing battle into a win is too numerous for me to count. I still use the Epic weapon in lieu of the legendary that I’ve found.

But for giggles, let’s compare it to the legendary weapon anyway:
125% base damage for both. fine.
25% to proc special effect for both at level 1
1 turn stun vs 1 turn disarm. meh… silverhand slightly edges out the legendary insofar as a stu is better than a disarm.
But wait. lets compare level 2
legendary weapon goes up to a 50% chance to apply special effect whereas silverhand weapon just increases the damage on the special proc.
ummm… I’d rather have twice the effect chance, thanks.

Given that both of the weapons seen so far are objectively worse than their legendary counterparts I think i’ll skip this event entirely and keep my legendary loot pool uncontaminated, Thank-you-very-much and good day!


Just to share my observation to you. If you have one of those item unlocked and look on treasure chest % you have as much chance to pull a legendary as you have to pull a silverhand item.

take you total number of legendary %
0,0022*60 = 0,132% for any legendary
And the new item chance is 0,132% too


I suppose since no one has noted what a Brooch of Numbers Numbing does, I’ll post the magic item description here. It’s from a much older edition of D&D.

Brooch of Numbers Numbing:

My title is a subtle (probably too subtle) commentary about how matchmaking works with Test of Might style events, and its mass effect on the players understanding of what’s actually happening.

I will just give my personal group feedback: we are a group of 5 people (we know each other IRL).
All of us managed to complete the event with less than 300 gems and about 3/4 hours of play.
After an initial loss-streak both in 2nd and 3rd trial, you start winning all matches (and this is something all of us 5 noticed).
Honestly these events are not something I would not recommend (I see a lot of complaints around).

HOWEVER, items are not that special.
The cleric weapon is basically useless; the mage weapon looks good but nothing more (ofc I dropped cleric so I don’t know for sure)

Updated OP after I realized that tanking in the first stage doesn’t work anymore.

The game doesn’t seem to carry over your event trophy count between stages if it’s lower than your current season max.

Please accept my apologies if my previous advice was ineffective.

I will endeavour to do better in the future.