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BrunchNuggets are Recruiting! (10/10 weekly)

BrunchNuggets are currently searching for a few new members.

We offer:

  • Alliance missions 10/10
  • Championships T8
  • Common Saturdays (Coin Grab)
  • Friendly Discord: We Love GIFs
  • Free Cash Links
  • Organized Raids & Strategies (Apex Wins)
  • In House Tournaments
  • Voted on Sanctuaries
  • Generous DNA Donations (Most Filled)

We ask:

  • Daily Activity: do your daily goals, dbis, etc.
  • PvP Battle & Raid! We want Battlers!
  • Do at least 10 takedowns in tournaments
  • Join Our Discord
  • Follow Sanctuary Rules
  • Must Speak English
  • 2000+ Trophies Required

Please send a DM if interested or reach out on Discord to Lisa#5044

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We love gifs and we love nuggets! There’s no better way to enjoy JWA than eating a 20 mcnugget share box by yourself, collecting your 10/10 rewards all while posting celebratory gifs. If that sounds good to you then look no further! Send us a DM and let your nugget journey begin :raised_hands:t2:

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BrunchNuggets is the place to be! The alliance is brilliant from helping with team advice to 10/10 weekly missions and topping it off with apex raid wins. If you love nuggets, dinosaurs or even nuggets that look like dinosaurs then you should come along and see everything for yourself :t_rex:


Still have a few spots open before the tournament starts up! Reach out if interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great alliance! Members are friendly and super helpful.


We have a few spaces to fill and it’s a new week for our in house tournament! So come join us for a chance to win prizes and end up on our hall of fame!

Limited spaces available, if interested send over a DM!

2 spots available! Send over a message if interested or with any questions :slightly_smiling_face: