BrunchNuggets is recruiting!

New alliance with highly active, and experienced, members looking to recruit some fun people to help grow themselves and the alliance.

Organized using discord to maximize rewards, with proven raid strategies in a drama free, supportive, and positive place. We’re all about team work and never take ourselves too seriously.

If you are unsure of discord, don’t worry, we’re here to help with that as well.

All levels welcome, just shoot us a message!

Current rewards with only 7 members…

That’s honestly really impressive!

Thank you! We would be hitting higher in defense but we just can’t generate enough dbis :roll_eyes:

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BrunchNuggets are still open for new recruits!

  • 6/8 in goals last week and on target to hit 7/9 this week.
  • Organized raids. We have strategies to include lower lvls and will run multiple to give everyone a chance to run through.
  • Organized epic and rare sanctuaries voted on by members.
  • Helpful advice and guidance.
  • Discord to make communication and organization easier which includes guides and resources.

Requirements are simple and easy. Be active, daily dbi, 10 takedowns in the tournament if you’re qualified, and while we’re an international alliance, you must be English speaking.

Are you a grown-up looking for likeminded adults to work with in an alliance? Sick of your game chat being flooded with childish nonsense? Well, look no further. BrunchNuggets was created for adults by adults who are hardworking with a hustler spirit to achieve higher rewards. We are a fun group that lives for sarcasm with a side of memes/gifs while still busting our tush.

What we offer:
6/8 Weekly Rewards (striving for 10/10 with addition of new members)
High Level Sanctuaries (voted on by members)
Discord Server
Raid Strategies

What we are looking for:
Active daily mature players
Complete Dbis
10 tournament takedowns if qualified
Follow sanctuary rules
Must be able to speak and understand English

If we’re the team that you’ve looked for, write to me and escape :palm_tree:

Discord: CosmicFawn#6706 or Bulb#8331

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do u have to be “adult” to join?

I absolutely love this recruitment post :grin::ok_hand:

It seems like they’re all adults. not all kids are childish, just some

If you’re someone that’s mature for your age and not into messing around with spamming the chat with nonsensical comments instead of playing the game then feel free to send us a request