Bs rng

0 for last 8 dodges, 0 for last 6 stuns. While my opponents are now 10 for last 10, yes you read that right, 10 for last 10 stuns, and 7 for last 7 dodges. There is no way to win at that point.

update, now 1 for last 8 stuns, 0 for last 10 dodges

yeah I don’t care if nobody feels bad for me :slight_smile:

now 0 for last 13 dodges. And I don’t mean when nullified. I mean legit dodge attempts.

More envy than compassion. Back in days you won’t get “bs” on any post without getting filtered lol.
BTW, when I was told that the RNG is part of this game, I almost immediately came up with the NBA team in Chicago and another related word. So don’t think I am not feeling you. The way I got away with that feeling probably is: 1, working hard to get it. RNG works against you, so does it for you. I still feel the battles which involve too much RNG are garbage, but at least the rant is offset; 2, put a hold on battle, take a deep breath and repeat the meme “if I find you, I will kill you” in mind.
After all, it’s just part of the game. Not worthy.

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yeah i have had good stretches too. This is just a really bad one. Lost 400 trophies due to this. I mean one team I lost to had no business beating me but I never landed a hit and they landed every single one of theirs. Nothing you can do about it.

you can rely less on rng based attacks and defenses, and build a team around that concept.

personally, i only get evasive if its the last move left to me, and assume any stunning move will result in only its stated damage, never the stun.

when i evade, or when i stun, i am pleasantly surprised, but i do not build a strategy or team around these attributes.

There’s nothing about skill when much RNG come into effect, that’s what made a lot of people rant about it. Once RNG favors you then you are in a mad advantage, in high meta particularly. The RNG format shall be reworked one day.

I’m having a bad day too, lost 18 in a row, mainly due to critical hits a the wrong time for me. And then in the ‘epic strike event’ I got defeated without losing my last guy, I hit shield and before the move set was complete it was game over :man_shrugging:t3:

Managed to get back to 3970ish, will try to get back above 4000 before bed. Then the day would have almost evened out. (Started at 4197).

I started around 4450, got down to 4020 before I finally won a match.