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Bub’s Lineup Progress

This thread’s mostly meant for me to be able to keep track of my lineup progression. I don’t plan on posting here super often, but I think it’ll be nice to have a place for me.

Here’s Dec 22 2021

Adding another Cerazino tommorow and Yudon’s on the way as well. Probably gonna start expanding either on Amphibs or Pterosaurs, not sure which yet.


Nice lineup as for that doubt I think you should go amphibians gorgo is cheap compare to the flyers and has good stats don’t know what dino you fight but if they are like mine I say lvl 20 gorgo should do fine also good for tourney runs

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Update 1/2/21

This one didn’t change much but I wanted to mark where I was at the beginning of the year


Update 1/3/21

Added Yudon :grin:

Here’s the new lineup with her



Update 1/12/22

Finally fused my metris and brought some Gorgos higher up so they’d have some output. Probably gonna add one more Gorgo and then either Spinotah or Pachygalo

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