Buck Offers


I do all of theses offers, from doing surveys to leveling up to level 10 in Final Fantasy XV, but nothing works! I only have 269 bucks right now when I should at the very least have 500

Did free cash challenge and didn’t receive my money
Not receiving my free cash from other apps

I’ve had this happen before as well. My suggestion would be to avoid the “Complete an action” offers and stick to “Watch a Video” and “Download and Run” offers. They aren’t worth very much but you can usually pop out 9 or 10 of them in an hour and get around 100 bucks.


Even download and run offers don’t work for me. Been 72 hours with no rewards.


That’s weird, I just did one to make sure they still worked and got my 5 bucks instantly. Are you making sure to login/create new accounts for the games and allowing app permissions? I always do that and play about 30 seconds of the game before closing it and when I go back to JWA the bucks are added within a few seconds. Then I uninstall, rinse lather and repeat.


Thank you guys so much.


I don’t know what to do please help me :cry:.


I did a big one worth 1,700 and I didn’t get my money and it took me 2 hours nothing seems to work still that’s why I am so worried I have been robbed of my time.


I downloaded an app and got to level 2 to receive 500 cash in Jurassic World alive. After reaching level 2 I went back to find the offer in the store and it’s now gone. Do they do this to trick you into downloading other apps?


Wait for at least 24h, if you haven’t received anything after max 2 days contact support. It takes quite some time for it to be processed.