Buff Andrewtops

Andrewtops has a great moves but awful health and a useless swap in move
Here is a buffed version that Ludia should implement

Health 3300 to 3750
Lost swap in lockdown
Gained No Escape


I would love to see Andrew with stunning obstruction

Yeah but none of its components have stun
However the andrewtodon does have no escape

This type of reasoning doesn’t work anymore for ludia. Hybrids can gain totally random moves if they want

That’s true
But still stunning obstruction is op and annoying to deal with
I want to make a balanced creature

it doesnt make sense for andrewtops to have it.
grylenken it makes sense bc grypos immobilize, and phorusaura not really but at least it has the swap in stun to help make some sense

Do you mean phorurex