Buff ankylos lux attack

Dear support team, I am having a problem. The problem is the attack of Ankylos Lux because, being an apex the attack is pretty low. When it comes to boost it, we need to put a lot of attack boosts. We have have to put at least at 15th attack tire. But to put 1500 attack boosts on one creature is very high. So, please increase the attack, and please don’t nerf it after buffing it. Hopefully, you guys can help us with this :grin:

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No, anky lux doesn’t need a buff it is very strong already and the counter and vulnerability makes up for the low damage.


A lvl 30 Ankylos Lux with 10/20/0 stat boost spread has exactly 6381 health and 2005 attack, and it has 100% Distraction resistance.

Hostile Glow will inflict somewhere between 2800-4000 damage depending on the opponent’s Armor and/or Vulnerability Resistance, and less so if they have shields in play. Combined with the Ankylos’ Armor Piercing Counter, you’re looking at doing roughly 2,500ish-6,000 damage on Turn 1 alone, pending the above potential mitigating factors (and very rarely will Ankylos Lux users go for Superiority Strike instead of Hostile Glow anyway). It will also do just about the same amount of damage, if not slightly more, with a Counter-Attack and Resilient Shielded Rampage and Run.

A buff of any kind is the last thing Ankylos Lux needs, and I would really like it if players would stop asking Ankylos Lux to be buffed in some manner or another. Because, as I’ve said before, if you don’t draw anything with Fierce or DoT abilities of any kind, or said creature has been taken down already by the time this thing comes out, you’ve basically already lost.

  • No buff or nerf
  • Big buff
  • Small buff
  • Big nerf
  • Small nerf

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Some reason I chose to let it automatically close on the day dominion releases

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Small nerf only to it’s Resistances.

Everything else about it is fine, but it needs to lose its Swap Prevention Resistance entirely.

No Resilient should have any Swap Prevention Resistance at all, but in Ankylos Lux’s and Skoonasaurus’ cases, they especially should not have it.


Id say change Distraction to maybe stun why make it immune for all its attacks to basically clenase it

While I am aware that this is a troll I’m going to congratulate you on making so many people fall for it here is a reward for your expertise in deception: :cookie:


No it doesn’t need it

no - this thing does massive amounts of damage even with limited boosts because of the counter-attack that also deals vulnerability. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and is on all the top teams for a reason. If you are worried about it not being able to take on things like mortem or a bleeder well, that’s because those are its counters, and if it dodn’t have counters it would be the only thing winning in the arenas right now. I would argue that I do wish Ankylux had a group attack as originally intended, especially now with all the crazy flocks that can shatter shields. A group attack would also be helpful for raids, too.