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Buff Apex Raids

Make all Apex Raids mor difficult to make impossible for low level creatures

Actually, I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea. Just because a raid can be done with low level creatures doesn’t make it easy. Even Gorgotrebax can be beaten with low level creatures, and that raid does not need a buff. It would be better to put a minimum level or something on creatures for Apex raids.


@David_Mesas_Mesas Why Though? If strategy is used regardless of creature level and a win is the resolution, I feel like the win is deserved.


Just nerf the dna so the lower the level u are the less dna you get so a level 10 might only get 5-15 dna and a level 15 might get 10-20 or something like that


ludia literally just did that.


You know, that’s a really good idea.

Yeah heard u can get only like 6 dna if ur realy low lvl

Wait really :rofl: wow I guess I just never read that part of the patch notes

yeah. it was a really small part. 1 sentence.

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I would say they should increase the player level cap to level 30 and keep raid rewards based on level but push it more towards an exponential rate like a player level 5-10 gets 1 DNA 10-15 gets 5 15-20 gets 20 and 20+ gets 30 DNA or more