Buff Arctovasilas

Fierce creatures break shields and hydra and Ref can nullify all positive effects

What do you mean an exaggeration?
What in that statement is not true?

My statement that only mortem can kill I is an exaggeration

And maybe an atack that cleanses dot to improve hydra matchup

It is :sweat_smile::rofl:
(Random chars)

Bro so many things destroy it. If it isn’t set up properly, it’s useless. Only if it’s set up well (which isn’t very easy) can it be effective. It’s one of the top creatures with the most counters.

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Doesn’t mean it needs to be buffed,it shouldn’t due to how strong it is

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Fun fact, almost all the things that do destroy it are either meta op dinos, or have a counter in the form of a swap in. Ex: Mortem and ref as the swap in counter

And why is it bad it has plenty counters?
That’s called being balanced.

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Just because something has lots of counters does not mean it is balanced, it could also be underpowered

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I also agree that vasilas needs a buff

The point is that if the meta doesn’t receive any big changes, then bear should get a little buff just like @CarChar08 said. The bear is indeed being slowly powercrept compared to newly emerged powercreep creatures. And imo for an fusible apex creature it should have a bit more power (I mean thyloconyx, a legendary hybrid, is in more top teams than this apex MEGAHYBRID…).
On the other hand, if nerfing, then the bear should be nerfed WITH other powercreep creatures, in order to truly solved the inbalnced powerceep issue. Otherwise, just by nerfing or keeping the bear herself will not do any positive good towards the game. Albertocevia and other high tyrant creature are the real problems in the meta. And, without the bear, creatures lik alux and skoona (I think she’s still very strong), or even ref could only be more powerful than before, which makes the meta even more problematic.


Oh btw ludia just buffed giganyx, that would only hurt the poor pooh even more…


Vasilas was top meta for a month and a half at most, then it started to get powercrept majorly


It doesn’t,a lot of people still use it and it gets buffed it will be broken,it deals absurd damage and should not get a buff,

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What is your point, as many people have reiterated, it takes a long time for it to get to that big damage hit and it can often be killed before then

U literally have no reason to justify why the bear should get a buff other than it is getting power crept

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What is your point? The only thing I’ve seen in this thread to try and justify a vasilas buff is that it loses to other dinos. Everything does that, bear just has a few more counters than other tyrants because of the current meta, so what? Almost all it’s counters are in the tyrant tier and in need of nerfs too, that just tells me that the only reason bear is falling off is powercreep. There’s about 200 dinos more in need of a buff than vasilas


Vasilas is just another powercreep victim like everything else, though I can see this one as being a bit more justifiable due to its difficulty in unlocking. A buff isn’t mandatory and it shouldn’t be prioritized in as so many other creatures need more of a buff than it, but I wouldn’t be mad if it got one so long as it isn’t super broken.

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T-Rex can beat vasilas, would you say it’s tyrant tier

I mean I did say this

And on another note, why does rex beating vasilas in a straight h2h matter? Ace loses to teryx h2h, that matters a lot I guess

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