Buff barionyx family pls

They have to low HP, even tryostronix with immunity can’t survive 2 hits and his DMG is not the greatest, do something with it pls, they are useless, they should be tank busters but most of them is slowest and then 2nd hit and K.O tryostronix immune cant save him 2 hits and K.O


I like the idea…:+1:
Buff dinos are good; not nerf them.

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There’d be so many overleveled Irratator Gen 2s if it got buffed😬

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I would really like to see them buffed, but its risky. It has to stay balanced. Maybe a bit higher credit chance and a tad health? I feel like baryonyx has it the worst as an epic. It has great potential but god forbid you get slowed turn one and can’t survive hit two. Even if you do, the DSR probably won’t one hit KO the enemy unless it crits

Already met one 26lvl :joy:

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Never had a fight when tryostronix survived 2 hits.


It’s the ready to crush move that’s problem it’s basically a free hit for the opponent. it needs a x1 strike or a regen to get life back you just lost.
it’s the only problem I find with prytator I never use ready to crush coz it’s to much of a gamble

A strike or regen along side the ready to crush that is not in its place

How about adding precision to RTC giving a higher chance to hit cloaked dinosaurs? At least it would be another option if rng decides not to give you a nullifier

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Or RTC should give shield for 1 turn


I just kicked tryostronix out od my them because he sucks so hard.

Tryostronix is somewhere between very good and devastatingly good, and it’s dependent upon timing. and it’s a cornerstone of my team. Remember also that Tryo has 120 speed, immunity, and 20% critical chance, with the latter figure boosted by Ready to Crush (+30%) and Ferocious Strike (+50%). Tryostronix is rarely a good starter (although, it can be), but the time for Tryostonix is mid-round and/or closer. For example: when you lose a player, bring Tryo in, ideally when your Ferocious Strike can take that dino out. Then, the next dinosaur is absolutely decimated by Defense Shattering Strike. Even when the positive effects of Ferocious are nullified, the nullifying dinosaur is hit with a 2x DSS and the not-small 20% critical chance. Yes, over-leveling helps, but that’s still a reasonable strategy in this tank-and-stun era.

For everyone sour on Tryostronix, I encourage you to do friendly battles and try putting Tryo in at the right time and see what happens.

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She just needs couple levels and then she can take 2-3 hits depending who is attacking

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I must admit I have a soft spot for Baryonx, not only because it comes from my part of the world but also because it can be unexpectedly devastating. I don’t really have a problem with how RTC functions, I’ve always seen it as a risk reward sort of deal.

Take a hit now in order to deliver 50% extra damage with a crit chance of 50% thus giving it greater damage and higher crit chance than a T.rex. Along with Bary’s higher speed it can easily catch players unawares. What annoys me is that the description says it’s for 3 turns but it’s actually only 2. I wouldn’t mind them extending it to 3 turns to match the description meaning we can use DSR twice while under the RTC buff.

A couple of levels? (7) for maybe 3 hits. Doesn’t sound great. At level 23 I doubt there’s a d Dino in the game that can’t take 2-3 hits really.
I’ve finally got This guy bit haven’t used him yet as I’m camping out the tournament. I’ve even got him ready to relevel again but still haven’t used him yet. Other than obviously bringing him in to finish off an opponent with ferocious strike what’s the best way to use him remembering he’s not going to be high level.

Haha, no need for 7 levels. Couple more should do unless you are having crazy bad luck and you meet opponents with way higher levels. I also usually bring her to finish my already almost dead opponent with ferocious strike.
Sometimes I first use ready to crush if I know opponent wont do much damage to me and then finish her with ferocious strike and will get one shot kill on next dino. But that is quite hard to do as my opponents are usually couple levels higher than mine and are faster.

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The Bary family of dinos were lightly built fish eaters. They were comparatively light for their size (low hp) and had weaker bite force as well as peg-like teeth (low Atk). Honestly, newer research indicates Rex and Allo were more agile then previously believed meaning even the Bary fams higher speed leaks into the balancing category and out of the accuracy category. They cant ALL be fast hard hitters with lots of HP.