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Buff Bleeding Dinos

There’s only 6 bleeders in the game who have more than 1000 attack at level 26, Hydraboa, Nantem, Scorpius Rex, Scorpius Rex Gen 3, Suchotator and Spinotahraptor.

We have 4 uniques in total which are bleeders which are Pterovexus, Scorpius Rex Gen 3, Spinoconstrictor and Stygidaryx. Are Pterovexus and Stygidaryx worth using in this arena currently, no is the short answer.

My optimal buffs for Stygidaryx would be to give it Stun and Slow Immunity along with its raid moves such as Scratching Resilient Rampage, you would not need to give it a damage buff in this case either.

For Pterovexus change Distracting Impact for Revenge Distract Impact and increase its attack to 1350, the same as Monomimus.

Spinoconstrictor needs only really a resistance tweak, giving it 67% stun resistance and full decel immunity should see it played more higher up, especially since it’s made of exclusive components.


I agree. I do get why most bleeders have low attack - they don’t need it, since their damage is proportional to the opponents health and resistances. But then give bleeders better HP, better speed, better resistances (e.g. decel immunity), more diverse move options, etc.

I do really like your specific rework ideas too.


I agree. Bleeders just don’t have the stats to make use of bleed - Lethal Wound and the Swoops don’t do damage quickly enough to be threatening, can be foiled by a swap, and bleeders don’t live long enough to bleed out the opponent anyway.


While we’re at it, I think Hydraboa should lose Precise Impact in favor of Cunning or Distracting Impact.

Instant Nullifying Strike kind of renders the need for a Precise move moot, while Cunning/Distracting Impact would make it a better counter to Mortem and other Fierce creatures.


Add to that list Thylacotator, my girl needs her stun immunity back

I didn’t add Thyla for reasons, it has a cleansing move, a slowdown, decel immunity, a bleed and a rend. It doesn’t need stun immunity for those reasons alone, it’s moves alone are a really good set. So in my eyes, it doesn’t need a buff.


I fixed Spinoconstrictor.

Imo it doesn’t need any move changes, just resistance changes and maybe a slight buff to hp, it’s kit supports it’s counter.

I honestly like Constrictor getting Sidestep back. ES isn’t nearly as good at stalling as it used to be, and Sidestep enables Constrictor to just do its job better.

For example, something like Dioraja or Tryko hits way less hard if you simply don’t attack them and put out distractions and evasions (moreso for Tryko). With Evasive Stance, Constrictor is forced to attack, which usually spells death.


My Spinotasuchus buff:

Here’s my list of reworks:

Spinonyx seemed fine enough, given its access to bleed and rampage cycling.

But really, most bleeders need a big HP buff. The spinos could easily go to something like 4300-4500 health, something Suchotator.

Really, Suchotator is just the most nonsensical creature in this game for absolutely no reason other than someone making it after a solid year or two of sleep deprivation and surviving only on Instant Coffee.

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the name would be “precise piercing rampage” and not “armor piercing precise rampage” just felt like mentioning it. It will also definitely have a delay.

I really like all of them. Though I don’t know how I feel about spinocon getting nullifying rampage.

Dilophoboa has Null Impact, so I figured Null Rampage was a reasonable upgrade.

I guess I just don’t like the fact spinocon would no longer have a no delay rampage. Though I do really like null rampage.

A rework of mine for Spinotasuchus.