Buff Brachiosaurus

New Stats: 4,439 Health and 1,383 Attack

I don’t think brachiosaurus needs a buff. Those stats are also more close to a vip creature than a tournament creature


Old Tourney Cenozoics: You dare estimate us


And Brachio has one of the best stats of a tournament creature. ( Land and ceno)


But based on what I remember one user said that he was dissapointed and don’t worry the buff is totally optional.

Well of course it’s optional but that’s insane

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I personally think that brackastackasaurus needs a buff and a hybrid.

Ah those days, Mammuthus, Mammut, Gigantophis, Titanoboa and Gastornis when they had V.I.P stats

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Jose_Ignacio_de_Pier welcome back

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Thank you, if the cenozoic tourneys were still with V.I.P esque stats, I can imagine Mylodon having 4596 HP and 1436 Attack and Coelodonta having 4449 HP and 1390 Attack