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Buff Carnotarkus!

I don’t know why Ludia insist on nerfing her (maybe she’s the new Monomimus?), but it feels as though whoever keeps making that decision keeps overlooking several factors, many of which have come into play since the addition of raid bosses.

  1. By Ludia’s own words, Carnotarkus should be very powerful.

The harder a creature is to obtain, the better it will be compared to other creatures of the same rarity.

Carnotaurus - Global Friday
Purussaurus - Park / Fishing only
Wuerhosaurus - EVENT ONLY

Not one of the ingredients is a global, always available dino. All 3 of these rare dinos require more effort to be put in. Compare this to, say, Monolometrodon who currently requires an anytime, anywhere common plus a zone all day common - yet somehow, Monolo is much more powerful than Carnotarkus.

  1. Carnotarkus is a super hybrid.
    These are again supposed to be the best of the best in their rarity. Sarcorixis is a good example of a powerful super hybrid, as is Thyla. Both are arguably better than this legendary superhybrid.

  2. Ludia added rend resistance.
    I absolutely detest it in all honesty and now that I’ve had time to watch it in action, I still hate it. But it’s there, and it’s absolutely decreased Carnotarkus’s worth, made even worse by the fact that so many rend resistant dinos already had distraction techniques. She needs a buff to compensate for this.

  3. Purutaurus isn’t that much worse than she is!
    With a cleansing strike that can remove DoT, vulnerable or speed decreases, more health plus the “No Escape” ability, it’s not much of an upgrade when you consider that Wuerho is now exclusive.

So there we go, by keeping Carnotarkus at this strength Ludia are pretty much going against everything that’s they’ve said (granted, this isn’t the first time, but I like to think that they have fixed most of these problems eventually).



Absolutely. Carnotarkus definitely needs to be stronger. Did you have any specific suggestions for how to make her stronger?


Completely agree. I would suggest a simple HP buff, her kit is fine, HP is all she needs imo. I think giving It around 3900-4100 HP would suffice.


I like the idea of giving her a HP buff, personally, like @Isaah_Wii has suggested.

That said, I’d also like her to get No Escape, since she’s a wildcard anyway and it would fit her moveset. But the HP buff is an absolute must, even more so now that Thora got her rampage back.


I ran Tarkus upto 2.2 and got her to Lvl29 and ready for Lvl30. The successive health nerfs unfortunately sealed it otherwise I would have endured

I preferred her in 1.15, had enough health (3900) and preferred the moves too. I would rather have access to precise rampage with a cool down if 1 rather than decel with cool down 2.

More health than 3900 would be nice plus something like no escape from the croc.


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I like both of those suggestions

In spite of it being nerfed over and over again my unboosted level 26 is still doing well in Library.
I wouldn’t be opposed to a buff though, and as you said by Ludia’s logic it ought to be better.

I think the moveset is perfect as it is, although Superiority Strike could be upgraded to Resilient Strike, and Long Protection could be traded for some other shielding move. No Escape would be nice, as would more HP/armour.


I like long protection on It, but what shield moves would you replace It with?

Honestly if any dino should have (definite) shield advantage, it should be something with fierce and resilient components like Tarkus. I think it’s moveset right now is fine though. It breaks shields with its counter anyway.


No idea. Nowadays I don’t get to use Long Protection for more than a turn or two a lot, but from all my time using Tarkus there have been a lot of times where it really came in clutch.

Perhaps we could have a new move, Instant Distraction Taunt? Carnotarkus already has Group Decel Rampage, but this would make it much more useful in raids, since it relies on that counter to deal damage.

If you go by ancestry you could give it Ferocious Defense, but I don’t even need to say why that would be a bad idea lol.


“No Escape”, just like Purutaurus have. And maybe boost standard HP a bit (or the armor defense).
Even them, it’s still a medium tier legendary, not even close to be overpower or annoying.

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I like a lot of these ideas. Keep them coming. Even if Ludia just go with a HP buff, it’s better than nothing.

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