Buff Ceramagnus

Poor Cera is hot garbage right now and needs a huge bath to keep up with the current meta
Ludia plz buff Ceramagnus
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I would like to see that as I never really got cera. It was overnerfed and is only viable in lower arenas (barely). Possibly bringing damage back up to 1500? Or is that too much?

There’s plenty of buffs the big boi could get definitely buffing it’s damage to 1500 but maybe some other things like a more modernized moveset

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Change Acute Stun to Greater Stunning Impact?


Maybe to instant charge

I might rework it tomorrow

Here is my rework:

(Since apexs are really hard to unlock to I wanted to buff it alot but not to much)


Hmm…This is as it was before…hmm…it’s probably underpowered in the new meta Jk jk it’s perfect


something like that maybe?
download (34)


This might be good if you reduce the Hp a little bit.

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Absolutely perfect except I would give her Vulnerable Immunity and reduce the pin resistance
Also 30% Armor 15% Crit and remove the counter

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