Buff cloak

So Im okay with the new evasive concept. But I feel like erlidom and indominus gets hit REALLY hard. So I think that cloak should be the same as before. Or at least let them doge 80% of all damage. I want cloak to be a unique attack. What do you think?

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I can live with the cloak/evasive nerf if boosts were removed completely. Not fun playing a broken game.

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One thing that I made sure was done preemptively was to make sure that my Indom’s health was at least tier 5. This way if it gets attacked through cloack, it does not do as much damage.

I made sure my Indominous Rex’s health was at least tier 4 or 5. This way if I got attacked, I would be able to absorb it and be able to attack back

Maybe change dodge to reduce direct damage by 50% rather than 50% chance to reduce 66% dmg

Twice I have tried to put my input in and twice the forum has hidden my posts for no reason. I will make it short. Increase the health and you can withstand an attack even if you are cloaked.

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I just started playing a little while ago…

But why do you take damage when your cloaked

Because the evasive/cloak system is now so broken

So its will be more less rely on rng