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Buff Diplovenetor or Ardonto

The number one Legendary Let give him a Plause you know who im talking about Clue Its White And Its BETTER THAN A UNIQUE AND ITS GEN1 and the Only Counter for it Is the Diplovenetor The only thing though it has 1low health 2low Speed So the Only way to beat this Monstrosity Is with a legendary is this guy another good one is Ardonto Or there’s another 4 ways One Is the bad one JUST LET THIS MONSTER BE 2Add a new guy that can counter this 3Nerf The Most likely one 4buff ardonto or Diplovenetor

If you are talking abount Indo gen 2, then you are mistaken. There are worse legendaries and more counters than diplovenator and ardont


In fact, diplovenator loses


ikIk But thats All i got in mind

Diplovenator is not a good Counter for indo gen2, in fact the indo can cleanse itself with Cautious strike.
Ardonto is a not-too-bad Counter but not the best, maybe ardentismaxima can be a better Counter.
I think that a good creatures combo for destroy indo gen2 is procerat+Spinoconstrictor, neither one of these is the perfect Counter, but together they do a pretty good job

I don’t understand how Diplovenator is beating IG2 at all!? Sure it’s immune to Distraction and it has a dodge piercing counter, and a definite strike. But that’s not even going to do enough to IG2 to actually be called a counter. Maybe it’s superhybrid will be the Thor, IG2 counter we need!!!

But Indo isn’t even the best legendary. It’s entelomoth

they removed cleans from cs

Diplo already beats Thor

I know, but it’s Diplovenator, it doesn’t do much else. A hybrid would hopefully beat IG2 and Thor and be meta relevant.

That said, Indo G2 is way more accessible and easy to level (even though it shouldn’t be) so it is better in that sense.

Ardontosaurus does not need a buff. It’s already one of the stronger Legendaries. It counters Indoraptor G2 well enough already (in case you don’t know this already, you have to open with Definite Strike, then Decel Impact and DSR).
Diplovenator was never meant to counter Indo G2.


Doesn’t porkus counter indo g2? aswell for tarcus and procera

Boosted tarkus does, but unboosted doesn’t normally win

80% win, if indo g2 dsr get crit, porkus die