Buff Dodge moves

So seeing as we are getting more moves that hit more than once, such as triple strike, double strike.

Can dodge and Cloak moves get an actual buff for once?

Rather than having a chance of dodge, they now dodge the attack period. Seeing as those like spinocon, can “Dodge” 4 times, yet rarely do so. And if you face down triple strike 3 of those dodges are used up in one turn.

Likewise, shouldn’t this also mean since you got hit three times, that you should counter attack three times as well.

This has been something people i know have wanted for a while as many so called dodges, are basicly a coin flip, which more often than not, you are expecting to just straight up fail.

Like with spinocon, for example. I am more surprised i somehow dodged an attack, than getting hit by a full power hit. In short, it feels a ton like dodges are not 66% chance of dodge, or 50% chance of dodging.

They are 25 and 30 that you might dodge the next move. Not great odds to say the least.


The spincon dodge only has 50% to dodge I believe and it dodges most of the time for me

Mine regularly didn’t dodge, and was the reason I dropped it from my team.

If it’s not 100% it’s 50%.