Buff does'nt works

All buff (evasive) and debuff (lowrr damage) does’nt works since the update. Please fix this.
Imagine you have unique creature lvl 21 destroyed by lvl22 legendary dinasour.

Hey Lone_Wolf, do you have more details on which abilities are not working correctly? I’ll be happy to take a look for you.

Indominus rex cloak and indoraptor evasive doesnt work. Its not only 66% reduce damage, its 0%.

Its 3-0 because none of the buffs works
My opponent only using Utasinoraptor alone and wipe put the whole team.

Cloak and Evasive Stance only has a 50% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage. However, there are abilities like Swap In Dodge that has 100% chance of dodging 66% of direct damage.

I hope that clears things up a bit. :smiley:

I’m having the same issue Lone…Indo’s evasive doesnt work correctly I’ve worked so hard to farm T rex and Raptor dna and spent alot of coins building her up, we need Evasive stance and cloak at 100% for atleast 1 to 2 turns…otherwise we used all ou resources and coins for nothing and it’s not worth fighting in the arena at all anymore

Sorry for using wrong word between reduce damage and dodging. But I wish i can record some video to show how unfair it was so you will understand. Dodging does not function too. If the damage from opponent is 2k, i will receive inflict 2k damage too.

Dodge was never guaranteed.

Too bad this update makes unique creature look like not unique anymore. They just take raw damage. Debuff to reduce damages taken does’nt works too.

“never guaranteed” means there is a chance to activate dodge. But here after the updates dodge does’nt function at all.

That’s RNG, if you received 2k that means the dodge failed. Nothing is broken, you are just unluckly. Many of us experience this.

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I have few dinasour that have buffs (cloak evasive) none of it works, i even keep switching them.
Maybe dev should just remove it after all. This is frustrating.

I seriously doubt it never works. You just need to understand that RNG is never guaranteed. You realise a 50% chance can still mean it won’t work for many many tries in a row.

Its ok.
You will receive the similar complaint from others.

lol ok sure we will.