Buff Dreadactylus

Dreadactylus as is currently just a “nerfed” Ankylodactylus that made it’s way into the game. The only thing it has going for it is it’s larger health pool than most flocks BUT IN MY OPINION that’s it. It seems to have taken the worst moves from its predecessors and I cant see why anyone would use Preon DNA on it instead of Anky. I wouldnt even give it a major buff just change group dedacelerating strike to an impact. It doesn’t have any distraction resistance so it wouldn’t be broken and would still have counters. If you want to take away it’s counter for it I still think it would be just as good.


Not saying it would win against ankylodactylus but with its counter attack applying vulnerability I think its the highest damaging flock atm aside from maybe tarbo. Also its health amount makes it so a flock memeber can likely survive a hit from a dino once distraction is applied.

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While I agree with you on the damage part which is why I said you can remove it’s counter, there are still a few of flocks that can survive a basic attack with or without distraction because most resilients don’t have terribly high attack if their impact or rampage is in a cooldown

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Only flocks that I know of that can survive any attack are the broken ones that have perma dodge and 2 turn heals. I would rather see a nerf to the broken then a buff to the likely balanced.

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I agree, it is very weak compared to other flocks. I like the fact it has a high health pool but it should have gotten a better moveset, group decelerating strike is awful


Just wanted to toss my 2 cents in here - this flock is horribly weak. It dies against everything. Fierce rolls through it, Cunings kill it without issue, Anything that can shield will eventually wreck it.

It’s slow, it’s HP, while high for a flock, is still very low if this was intended to be a tank, it has a terrible damage output (even with the vulnerable counter), and it’s main resistances (speed and stun) don’t even seem to fit its kit (no one needs to reduce it’s speed because of how slow it is, and stun doesnt matter because a stunning move takes out a flock member regardless).

No idea how to buff it to make it matter any. Maybe buff it’s HP a ton (so it’s actually tanking and can survive more than 3 hits or one aoe), give it some kind of defense against incoming attacks (more armor maybe? Maybe a dodge move?), and give it the ability to heal a downed flock member (something like Lystro’s instant dodge/heal ability would actually work here and check off the box that’s much needed with this dino).

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I refused to use it in the tournament because I know I would just be giving up a takedown. There is absolutely no reason to waste Preon DNA here when Anklydactus is so much better. It needs some help in one way or another.

It’s not really that bad, while it does have horrible h2h, it’s swap in is busted. 100% dodge for 2 attacks. It can swap in on rexy roar and win. If it had a full counter it would be able to swap in on rexy and win while taking no damage lol

The problem with the swap is that there is no swap prevention and anything that’s precise or removes dodge shuts it right down.

While it has certain bonuses like Rexy or Alberto, it gets wrecked by anything with a precise or resilient move. It’s low HP doesn’t help either.

All it needs is the 1X counter

Dread is the new toven

But isnt resilient supposed to counter cunning so why is it bad that its countered by its counters??? I still have not used it as no one wants to give out dread dna but just on paper it looks fine. Its not busted like the 2 turn heal perma dodge flocks but its swap in and vulnerability counter make it look pretty good. Only complaint from me is it lost its priority attack but I’m still going to stay in the camp of its balanced until I try it.

That’s the thing. Dread isn’t really a cunning. It’s not really a resilient either. It really doesnt have much of a place at all.

I’ve used it - it just has 0 strengths and is beaten by EVERYTHING. The only trick it has is it’s swap in - but that doesn’t even help much as it doesn’t do enough damage to take anything down while it has 100% dodge.

Play with it a bit then form an opinion.

Not really. It doesn’t do enough damage to last past Rexy’s 2 moves. It would get taken out pretty easy or swapped in on.

What? Rexy only gets one move in

You swap in on roar, get a counter off, rexy deals 0 damage
Rexy is faster, uses a move, deals 0 damage because the dodge is still up(It works in the game this way, lasts for 2 attacks 1 turn)
You get a counter + impact off
You use TR, rexy gets one hit in and dies to counter

DDac wins on 2 full flocks

People will just save thinner rexy,in tournaments because of how vital rexy is,in lower rankings people may not do this and besides,no one will use their pre on dna on this useless thing with anyky being much stronger

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