Buff Erlikospyx

Just give It back its inmunity to slowing, It doesnt do as much damaage as its sister Erlindom and doesnt have even half of its inmunities, so please give It back

Also take the Dracorat cleansing move It defeats the point of even giving It a lock


Do u even realise that despite the meta creatures being resilient and spyx being cuning spyx is still one of the most used creatures. Yes it has less dmg then erlidom but better moves and way more hp.


Actually, they have the same damage of 1500


Erlikospyx is one of the best cunnings as of now, being able to beat two of the resilient Titans that are Tryko and Ardentis if it plays well. 4200 health with a rotation of 2250 damage and 3000 damage is really useful. Its weakness should be deceleration as per every single cunning. Also, given that you win every speed tie, Spyx wins 100% against Erlidom. Furthermore, Spyx is better than ever. Spyx used to be affected by Distraction, but now it doesn’t, allowing it to outshine other cunnings. It also gains a resistance to stun which it didn’t have before


Spyx is 128 speed now.

Anyway, Erlikospyx does not need a buff, it’s already by far the best cunning creature in the game, easily better than Erlidom.

I agree that Dracoceratops shouldn’t be able to Cleanse Distraction, but cleansing swap-prevention and swapping out is kind of its thing. You could argue that it shouldn’t be Immune to swap-prevention though.


Bro it’s literally the best cunning in the game if anything the other cunning’s especially the unique ones should be buffed, the thing has 4.2k hp same as tryko, 1.5k attack same as erlidom, 128 speed same as magna can reduce damage to 0 passively (instant distraction) or aggressively (thwarting impact + precise pounce) can do double rampages on revenge, can distract every turn and impact every other turn, can bypass dodge and cloak, and can speed it’s self up and is resistant to stun and immune to distraction and DoT and crit reduction…and you want to buff it why? It’s the literal king of cunning’s with the only two to even come close being gorgotrebax and utarinex. And ya wanna make it’s only the counter resilient creatures to have more trouble beating it? Really.


Spyx doesn’t need any changes. No, it’s not the same as what it was before 2.0. But it’s still very good (if anything, I would expect them to nerf Spyx before they buff it), and changing it’s resistances like that doesn’t fit with how it works now.

This is exactly why they gave it a cleansing move, however annoying it is to deal with.


Spyx is a beast. I think it is quite balanced right now.

It hast great damage control.
It has a really powerful revenge move.
High speed.
Decent HP when slightly boosted.

And it loses against the dinos it is supposed to lose. Don’t expect to kill Zor :popcorn:

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I agree with everyone else here.

Hippo’s knees no, don’t buff it. I have one and when it does it’s little “shy, hesitant-but i’m going to walk out here and try to look tough anyway- strut whilst gazing around the arena” and then immediately turns into the 90’s version of the Wolverine, I smile knowing that SOMETHING is going to die.

HOWEVER, we def don’t need another reincarnation of indoraptor gen 2, Xmas chicken or Maximus before they were nerfed. I can see this becoming one of those if it were buffed.


Heck no, don’t buff erlikospyx, it’s literally the best cunning in the game right now, it doesn’t have less damage than erlindom, it ties erlindom if it’s on revenge, and in order for erlindom to even deal that 6k damage it has to make it self a sitting duck for one turn, not to mention cloak is removed by more than half this games creatures. It has one of the highest hp stats of any cunning, only beat by gorgotrebax(an apex), diloracherius(has a horrible arena move set) and koolasaurus(has no moves to back it up). Whatever hp it lost it easily makes back in the speed it has over these. It has a super good attack stat, being able to kill most fierce creatures in 2 hits and its speed is good enough. It also can’t be distracted at all.


Oh man, I have a lvl27 spx sitting on bench, prob can bring it to 28. I always value erlidom’s rend resistance bcoz of the rat, not sure if others share similar thoughts tho.

The only thing I’d change in Spyx is up the stun resistance to stun immunity.
Yes, I know we already have too many stun immune creatures but in case of Spyx it’s about fully countering Thor.
As of now I really don’t like the annoying gamble of Instant Distraction vs Instant Charge.
Thor, especially boosted Thor, has enough damage to chomp through distraction anyway so I don’t like to be punished by random stun every time I predict that IC. :woman_shrugging:

Yea altho spx stun resistance is 67%, it can still be stunned nonetheless depending on rng. I run rinex as well and when it gets stunned, I just go hey, it has 67% stun resist…tats why I kinda went with erlidom, to balance things up a bit.

Stun immunity?

Lol 67% isn’t enough? You will normally win IC vs ID. Dude, assume you might lose few times.

But… actually… in order to lose a 1vs1, Spyx has to do really bad so it is not problem of the dino but user…

Like I said, it’s a gamble. Depending on the situation and RNG.
Imaginne the bad luck of getting your Spyx stunned by Thor several battles in a row.

And it’s just a personal opinion. Nobody said you have to agree with me.

Spyx is fine as it is, it has its clear weakness in decel and resilient moves but also has solid match ups against its fellow speedsters like Elridom and magna.

Decel immunity would break it completely

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Yeah lol, getting stunned like that is really annoying, it’s happened to me a couple of times in the past few days. On even grounds Erlikospyx wrecks Thor regardless, but in the arena with maxed nitro Thors facing lower level Spyxes that stun means the difference between winning and losing the matchup.

Giving it Stun Immunity changes practically nothing else anyway. I don’t think anyone relies on stunning Erlikospyx to win.


It was also my opinion.

In that case, asking about adding inmunities, lets make Tenontorex fully inmune to stuns.

Bad luck/rng… is always present in the game: crits, good matchups, good dino cards…

IMO Spyx can deal decently with almost every dino. It can also destroy some Trikos… revenge move with a 2x distracting attack…

Thor will lose 99% of the times against Spyx unless Spyx is damaged from previous dino.

I think we can’t (wrongly) buff a dino without measuring consequences. It will affect other matchups and would make again… unbalance.

Maybe your Spyx isn’t strong enough to face those Nitro Thors… But hey… nitro Thors usually lack attack/health… so again, it would be a easy deal.

I’m not hiding the fact that it is, but that’s just the way the arena is. I’m always facing level 29-30 max-boosted Thors with my level 25 unboosted Erlikospyx, and I’m not the only one. It’s no secret that low-level players have to deal with Max-level Thor’s all the time. The nitro ones aren’t the only issue either, the ones with 2500+ attack and 6k HP can sometimes be worse.

In this case, giving Erlikospyx stun immunity changes almost nothing, so I see it as a win-win.

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