Buff for stygidaryx please?

Ok, stygidaryx is a really cool Dino design wise, but it needs some more power in battle. It has serious potential that’s clearly being wasted.

My idea for a rework is to make it a bulky swooper.

5000 Health
1100 Attack
124 Speed
10% Armour (why not lol, remove this if you want)
5% Crit Chance

Superiority Strike
Instant Invincibility
Lethal Swoop
Armour Piercing Impact (this could simply be a normal impact)
Swap In Invincibility

I know this is a bit op, but come on, it needs one. I’m also doing darwezopteryx to cus why not. I’m turning it into a damage dealing swooper.

3450 Health
1250 Attack
129 Speed
0% Armour
10% Crit Chance

Superiority Strike
Defence Shattering Impact
Instant Invincibility
Cleansing Swoop (let’s not waste this move lol)
Swap In Wound

I know these contrast a lot, but I like these dinos and would like a buff for them. What do you guys think? What are your suggestions?

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Sounds like darwiz is stronger then stygi, and that’s decently not needed. I think darwiz stays the same and stygidarixs kit should be superiority strike, lethal wound, regenerating swoop and instant invincibilty. Maybe a swap in bleed or invincibility and immune to slow and pins, while not changing his health, speed and buffing damage by 7%. Also armor sounds really nice, but the crit chance probably not. Like ur design though

Yea… I think imma nerf that new darwezopteryx a bit…

Yes another person who likes Stgydaryx and wants it to be buffed.

Look at what Ludia has done. Matchmaking change and boost reset. A Stgydaryx rework now would be great

Here is my super long rework post

Could 1.10/1.11 be Stgydaryx’s time to shine?

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