Buff Glythronax

It’s the worst land tourney Hybrid and is ridiculously overpriced for what you actually get
Also it looks really cool
Make it a tank
The attack can start the same but give it similar health to yudon

How about these stats;

Old stats:
Health- 7,496
Damage- 2,343

New stats:
Health- 11,476 (+3,980 HP)
Damage- 2,358 (+15 DMG)

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Make it a tank like a slightly stronger Erliphosaurus

How about 10,963 HP and 3002 DMG?

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That’s a bit OP for Glythronax with attack
2700 is the max for the price

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We don’t only need a glythronax buff, we need an iguanosuchus buff too. For 80,000 Dna, may as well get Dracoceratops.


Also iguanosuchus, pteraquetzal, allonogmius, zalmonodon, chromaspinus, and baghesaurus

Chromaspinus doesn’t need a buff, and baghesaurus is doin pretty well with 4,000 attack.

Yes it does
It’s worse than Yudon in all stats and costs 4k more DNA
As for Baghesaurus it can get OHKOed by a Metriaphodon and lacks enough health
For costing so much I feel it should have about 9k health


Remember what @OstaposaurusBae said: Not every new hybrid needs to be the best as it will cause a power creep.


What I think you all don’t get is that Ludia does this on purpose for 2 reasons.

Reason 1 being that it gives options. If you have no other carnivore tourney hybrid unlocked but you have Lynthorax and Glyptodon then why not make Glynthorax as a first step?

Not every tourney hybrid needs to be on par with Yudon stats, nor do they need to cost what Cerazinosaurus does. These are Ludia’s B-tier dinos. They are the filler gap between L40 VIPs with their equivalents and the L40 Indos. They even buy time between extended tourney hybrid releases. This is not a bad thing, it’s a necessary thing.

Reason 2 is purely for late game content, for players who want to work towards at least 1 copy of each dino and hybrid; it is an out of the way path that one must detour to achieve the self-proclaimed goal of owning/unlocking every dino. For those who do not or do not want the same goal of owning every dino and hybrid, then its OK that this detour isn’t something you want to travel. But this gives purpose and life to this game even if you don’t think so.

I have played this game since launch. I have seen the ebbs and flows of this game. I have seen the good and the bad. I have every dino unlocked minus Sinoceratops and Blue. I need something to keep me invested in this game. “Building the strongest roster” isn’t a goal anymore, because there is no point. There is no reward for being a late game player. @Sionsith can preach from the heavens how this game only rewards during the grind, and not after.

Recently I have achieved my goal of filling up my entire Glynthorax paddock. I didn’t do it for clout. I kinda did it for the memez, but I mainly did it because this was the only way to retain me as a late-game player when every tournament is the same old bore,
when events are just busywork. Most importantly, I wanted to do so while waiting for Bagehesaurus to be released which took something like 5 years. My goal has been completed and I can now choose another goal, of which I think I might finally get copies of other B-team tourney hybrids up to spec with the rest of my roster (at L40 Ostaposaurs).

These dinos are fine, please leave them be.


I was wondering how your Glythronax army was coming on. Pretty well, is the answer! Congrats on that lot, it must have taken quite some investment of time and effort.

Let us know who is next.


I find want it to be the best I just want it to be useful