Buff grypolyth

Dear ludia,
Please consider buffing grypolyth this next patch. Its parent gryposuchus has a 20% crit chance so maybe you could add that to grypolyth along with its 20% armor. Maybe consider buffing its speed so it’s more of an average between gryposuchus 116 and prluralyth 105. Its damage is the exact amount of its parent puralyth which is fine but since it already has a counter. It has no escape so you might consider replacing immobilize with defense shattering impact, greater stunning strike, ferocious strike (since both parent dinos have it), or maybe even a bleeding move such as lethal wound or exploit wound. I’d also like to suggest buffing its counter from minor rending counter to greater rending counter like carnotarkus.


The fact that sarcorixis, an epic creature outclasses a unique really shows that grypo does need a buff.


Huh? Tryko needs a buff?


Sarcorixis doesn’t outclass Grypolyth either.
But I am intrigued by the idea of Grypolyth with a Bleeding move. Gryposuchus could also get it.


Fixed that mess, I swear, it was autocorrect

I completely agree. I think more crocs should get bleeding moves, because bleed and no escape is a great combo.

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Not until stygidaryx, monolorhino, spinocontrictor, and tuoramoloch get a buff. Grypolyth is still a tyrant, even if it’s the worst one, but that at least shows it’s better than half the other uniques.
It would be cool if it got a changeup and a bleed move, but I don’t think it needs to be buffed.
The biggest thing imo is to make it faster, at least 111.


Don’t forget dilorach

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True, and Utarinex too at this point

Ya right jet not like it’s almost impossible to counter unless your immune or have cleasing move and the usally way to deal with is to saP but… ohhh right…

That’s true I thought it was still that it was that high but I fought it and it’s very good immobilize can basically say ya screw your turn allowing it to swap out into something else then come back in regen and slowly chip away at your health

And come it’s the worse tyrant ist like saying aww man this Dino is the worse when it beats so much but just can’t beat the others take beat soo much

Ok I’m good with it being faster it means I makes sense just that it will work against it in a lot of way for example immobilize, since it will be faster stuff like carnotarkus, trykosaurus, Thor, and stunners don’t have to worry about it since it faster it both wastes there turn and it’s self so if it gonna be faster I guess immobilize has to go I guess

DSI doesn’t make sense none of its parents have it, same with stunning strike like what the heck lol, ferocious makes sense the problem with that would be regen,

And greater rending would be too good and op, How you may ask simple, it can last too long.
For example look at other counter attackers with greater there are two things in common one low health and and attack (also included sungina in this)

And two they can’t break shields or go thru armor with there normal attack, meaning that the enemy is safe from serious damge as long as they don’t attack they won’t be punished with serious damage, but this gives these three an advantage since they can shield and distract or regen to survive at least three turns to have a guaranteed KO. So in other words they really on mind game, shields and luck to take down enemies.

Now compare that to grypo who not only has

Along with long protection but also has one crucial and key element

DSS mean that even if the enemy goes passive offensive gyro can still do damage mean it by passes the counter or more problem the others have. That long with regen and immobilize alows it to play mind games with faster creatures and keep them at bay while chipping at there health. So this is why maybe giving grypo ferocious might be just a bit much

also this is a note for everyone ok Ik it hard to hear but GRYPOLTH SHOULD NOT BE THE BEST UNIQUE CROC-



If It were to be buffed, besides the speed buff to 111, I think that rather than getting a bleed move in place of immobilize, i think immobilize should stay. Even with no escape it’s still very useful when grypo is about to die or to stall the cooldowns. One simple thing that could work is add the vulnerability effect to immobilize, It makes sense from the ingredients. Another possibility is to change the DSS to that datamined move ferocious shattering strike. This move is like DSS but has a ferocious effect of 33% for 1 turn. I think this move is perfect for grypo, It gets back the ferocious It lost from the parent but since it’s only 33%, not the usual 50%, it’s by no means OP, just a slight buff.

But the thing is it would stack to 66% and plus vulnerability make fo like almost half per counter?

Nah It was one or the other. Either this move with current immobilize or no new move and add vulnerability to immobilize. To the stacking issue, grypo wouldn’t be able to spam this move without dying. It needs to use all it’s other moves. Besides, I’m not really sure It really stacks, it’s not like persistent ferocious strike, it’s only one turn. Just like distraction, that doesn’t stack unless the opponent uses a priority move.

I mean distraction does stack, so do other ferocious move. Ex: MF+PF or MF + cloak

Like look at monolophosaurs or pyratior

Anyway I don’t Thai k gyrpo needs a buff it’s think it’s should be good but not great cause of it ingredients

The common ingredients may be easy but gryposuchus is hard as heck to get. Even my gemini is higher leveled than my grypo. The same logic applies to monolorhino, but we still want It to be good. I don’t want any of them to be OP but there’s no reason for them not to be great.

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Lol actually even and rhino and stygidaryx DESERVE TO BE BETTER. I looked through ever unique and Gyrpo can’t be one

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