Buff grypolyth

Definitely no to giving Grypo a higher counter attack. Higher speed, however, I can get behind.

Reminder that it now has No Escape, which is a great passive. I still don’t have Grypolyth, but I really want to add it to my team for that reason alone.


Also ya gyrpo is hard to get now but the reason I have a bunch cause before I believe it was a global spawn it it was my Barry but I still darted it, plus we gonna get this week also.

Anyway back or the rarity we strengthen question. So um @J.C Or @Ned or @ anyone that’s a mod, do you know if gyrpo was supposed to be a legendary but it changed to a unique last second cause it doesn’t make sense how it is a Unique

See every other unique:
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Legendary+ something else

But gyrpo sitting here like rare+ epic? Like
It just doesn’t make any sense
I swear I thought that there was something else that did that but nope ever other uniques is Legendary+ something so I don’t know if the team wanted this to bet the monometradon or Dracoceratops of unique but it would be nice to know

Like it not just me that finds this odd right

Well it’s not like this was a rule they had to follow anyway, and it’s better that they don’t. It was just a trend. It doesn’t change the rarities of individual components, just the level you have to make them. In the end you’ll still have to spend a lot of each 3 components’ dna to fuse an unique.


Lol nice meme
Though i don’t think It matters If It isn’t a legendary plus something else, It can be any hybrid with any dino as long as they’re level 20. If you look at the release notes from when grypolyth was introduced it’s even said that they broke the trend.


If the distraction is only for one turn, like the basic move distraction, then It will only stack If the opponent uses a priority move. I have no reason to believe It would be any different with a 1 turn ferocious move. Persistent ferocious strike doesn’t count, It deliberately lasts for 2 turns.

Still what I’m saying is it shouldn’t be in the same league in other words it should be stronger than other that take more time to make since it really that hard to lvl purrolyth 20 not really while gyrpo yes it’s hard other are harder due to legendarys being hard to make like pyritator, ankyntrosaurus, rajalankosaurus, dilophboa, I’m not say it doesn’t deserve it, but what I’m saying is that from its ingredients it shouldn’t be that that good

And again it was more in its league when it was first introduced and while yes it’s rue they did say that’s

It also lost somethings like ferocious strike for regeneration, and lockdown strike for immobilize

Grypo was made a Unique around the time of Monolometrodon I believe. This was to counteract the notion that one parent had to be directly below it in rarity. It was SUPPOSED to be a Unique. As for ease of access, Grypolyth is REALLY hard to level. Gryposuchus is just a massive pain.


Lol ya I did say that what I’m saying is even then it still should be that good,
Again like you said

It’s not a good as other legendaries it know it’s place based on its parents is it trash no but it also knows that something that’s harder to make should be stronger.

Again this is recently before I believe it was a globle spawn I used to see a lot of the time or. At end cause I was in L4 once maybe anywho still that one part again like rhino but rhino shouldn’t be as good as say Gemini or tryko which require much more work and grinding

I fail to see how it’s easier to make. Lord lythronax and puru might have been globals once, but now they are park locked. And we know that park spawns are not very accessible. Some people such as myself don’t even have a single park in the map where we live. Another thing is that multi fusing was only added recently. So fusing purulyth was a real, real pain. Adding to that is the fact that gryposuchus is very hard to obtain If you don’t live on L4, and even If you do it’s hard to dart. If we look at difficulty to level then It deserves to be a little better. But If we look at the individual strenght of the components then It shouldn’t be stronger than It is(though i do think that purulyth is a great rare hybrid). I am of the thinking that every unique should be strong. If they aren’t then the game can’t achieve that rock, scissors, paper, lizard, etc dynamic between them. Now, grypolyth is a strong hybrid, while it’s considered the worst low tyrant It is good. But i think It wouldn’t be bad If It got only a slight buff.


Yeah it’s a tough one to find and you need 200 dna. Definitely not guaranteed 200+ per dart session. Anyway the others are park exclusive which does slow progress a little more than the usual common.

Whenever I see a grypo in my area of the arena about 5,500-5,800. They will have level 30 tryko lvl 30 Thoradolosaur with lvl 28-30 everything and grypo is usually 22-26.


In it’s league? It was pretty useless :laughing:
It deserved that buff. Every unique should have a place in the meta.

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Lol that why it is in it place right now and before what I’m saying is giving it like stuff ferocious shattering and vulnerability it just too much

Lol your kidding right your telling me you never hunted before

It was so annoying to only find them

I don’t think it’s too much. Again, i never said It should have both those things combined, no. Adding vulnerability to immobilize is not broken on it’s own. Neither is that datamined move on it’s own. And i agree that It would be too much If It had both those things. But that wasn’t my suggestion. My suggestion was one OR the other.

Again that kinda ludia faultnin changing how rare… hey I just realized that did that on purpose they changed it to be exclusive to justify its power. CURSE YOU LUDIA,

Of course i hunted, but that was before they were park locked. That’s the only reason i had enough to level purulyth to 20. But for new players, getting park locked dna is not that accessible.