Buff grypolyth

Lol ya they ludia it again

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They like having an easy to access hybrid nah let make it hard to get

I haven’t seen a grypo bigger than mine in my zone yet everything else is basically lvl 30. I know they’re up higher I see lvl 30 grypo. I use it at lvl 27 and its strong. The problem for me is such low normal damage.

Goes up against something like an all maxxed Thor there is no chance to survive brawl it out, it’s not how grypo works.

But what if it could put an actual attack out at some point. And with so much immune immobilize and many effects do nothing so not sure heh.

Immobilize does work when it works. Other times it can just reset the Thor back with instant stun. It works really great against monosteg.

But at some point grypo should put out a bigger hit. It won’t be every move

But big hitter are supposed to be it counter they supposed to hit big enough that gyrpo can’t cause serious damage

Honestly this rarity justifies strenght thing might be the logic they’ve chosen but that logic is not helping the game’s balance. I think this logic is fine only to an extent. It should justify strenght for the effort to make but It shouldn’t make a creature so much better against almost all others. Maybe they should rethink that logic. Imo every unique should be end game relevant. Even If some are easier to make than others, every unique requires effort, so they should at least be end game relevant. That would help variety and make players interested in all of them instead of just a select few. The rest would just be up to personal preference.

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Did you reply to me by accident?

Maybe when it a non rending regeneration counter attack but now it can’t with being way too good

It automatically did I guess

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You mean like @Qaw’s devouring counter?

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Again I’m not saying that I’m saying while yes they are the endgame but some shouldn’t be to good again coming back to the rick paper scissors

Counter beats tanks, speedster, and other counter

Weakness are chompers and anti tanks

I mean don’t know the exact details of the move so I guess

Well i never said anything against that. Grypo should always lose to chompers, i agree with you.
I mean that all uniques should be end game relevant in their niche.

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I agree that why I think grypo is fine as it is it’s not supposed to be the boxer but the punching bag able to take the hit and hit back every time

It was a 1x damage counter that regenerates 10% of the damage inflicted by the counter as far as i remember. There could be shattering or rending versions of It depending on the type of rending or the damage of the creature. I think it’s an interesting concept.

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That why I think regen and is too much you want to do it right your gonna have to go it’s parents route less health in exchange for higher attack and well supposed to be higher speed and less armor

Yeah I wouldn’t want it op. Just a slight buff to it. What can be annoying is they’re immune to no escape so erlidom can just run. Maxima can just swap if they want to save it. So things that it counters also stand chances to survive its power

Hmm it could be but ludia probably won’t do that

So basically gyrpo not problem it’s the immunes okay I got it lol

That why I say it fine granted even if we did get rid of immunes stuff like rach and rinex would still destroy it but ya it has it prance that why it doesn’t need buffs I mean just DSS it’s better than every other true counter attacker