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BUFF Indo G1!

Ludia PLEASE! Give this guy his DSR back! That’s all most of us just want! You have made him useless! Even Indo G2 with a nerf is still better than him! Cut him a break! There’s no way Indominus could be better than Indoraptor G1!!


Well they each have their own purposes Indo g1 was designed as a fast stealthy intelligent creature Indom was designed as a tanky powerful slow chomper. So you can’t really compare those 2 as they each have very different roles. But I agree it should have a small buff nothing much though as it is the easiest unique to create.


maybe a skill that breaks shields, but doesn’t pierce through armor, would help him perform better in the arena. a skill like “shield breaking rampage” for example…

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Dracoceratosaurus: am I a joke to you?


Procerato still little hard to capture than velo

Stigidaryx: sorry? what did I miss? :joy:

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Procerato is hard to get velo & rexy are everywhere.

The funny thing is that indy is still smarter than indo in the movie and indo is not stealthy at all. It clicks on the grounds too much with its claw but thats cuz of captivity. Indo should habe DSR back tho. Its the only thing that makes him somewhat useful.

Now time for my Indy praise. Indy did a full on mastermind villain jail break by lowering its temperature and cloaking but indo just has some dumb guy try to take its tooth for a necklace. Poor indo never got a chance to prove its intelligence.

Velo’'s like the most common creature ever now. I mean seriously. Imma get him to 30 just cuz of that. Only can get him to 21 at the moment.

Indo did not have the same participation as Indom in their respective films (Indom was the center, Indo not)

I never said anything about participation. Technically they both did have a major role. It’s just that indy took the center of attention so much that there was little room for others in its movie. All I said was indy was much smarter compared to indo based on the movie.

And one takes trike gen2 and draco gen2 which are EVERYWHERE…and procerata is global today I darted three alone

I do agree that the indom is better than the indo i would still like to point a few things out. The claw tapping was as far as I’ve heard the indo echo locating. Maybe indo would be more efficient and improve for each indo they made, after all he was a prototype and unfinished so he possibly could have been stealthier and smarter since he has double the raptor DNA if he wasn’t an incomplete prototype. But I still agree with you why IN THE MOVIES indom is better than Indo. But I do feel like Indo should get a little boost like defense shattering rampage since it is a unique.

Yes, the shattering would be good. It was echolocating. Didn’t even know that. Imagine if they just made a small indominus or a juvenile. Yikes!

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I’m guessing the egg as a little bigger than an ostrich egg. and possibly after 3 to 4 months it would be the size of a lion. So that would be less of a danger than indoraptor but still nothing to be messed with. Would be scary

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It could be less of a threat but also much less clumsy cuz the indo is bulky but fast. I think its clumsy cuz its so bulky from the indy’s armor but doesn’t have anything to balance it like indy since its ankylosaurus dna isn’t direct. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I think its faster cuz the raptor dna is direct.

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Yeah indo is just bulkier but is still quick. I guess indoraptor has more balance with its much longer and skinnier tail.

I just find it clumsy compared to indo but the indo in JWFK would be more deadly to everyone, just very clumsy.

I never noticed it was super long, just thin. Maybe that just makes it harder to turn which is why seems clumsy.

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Agreed, it does seem very clumsy with tight turns