Buff Indoraptor - Gen 1/Unique

Indoraptor Gen 1 was never considered broken at any point except for maybe the beginning of the game. One could argue evasive stance allowing it to dodge was unfair but that was evasive stance not indoraptor.

Indoraptor Gen 1 was harshly picked apart during the implementation of the patch which introduced raids and the move revamp. Not only did indoraptor gen 1 lose its defense shattering rampage, but the only thing that allowed Indoraptor Gen 1 to compete - its evasive stance - received a huge increase in relevant counters. Indoraptor Gen 1 isn’t nearly as good as it used to be, and many individuals have decided to just not touch indoraptor gen 1 again.

Its very odd because why did Indoraptor Gen 1 get its defense shattering rampage changed to armor piercing rampage to begin with? It was indoraptor Gen 2 that was causing problems, not indo G1. So why did Indo G1 pay for the issues Indo G2 was causing with cautious strike?

Indoraptor Gen 1 is a trademark of the Jurassic World series, there was a time in which creating Indoraptor meant something. Now? It doesn’t mean anything, Indoraptor has nearly no use in the current state of the game in both raids and PVP.

I think the issue with Indoraptor Gen 1 stems from its move set. I suggest that armor piercing rampage is changed to group shattering impact so that IndoG1 could have some utility in raids. Additionally, I think it could be possible to change cleansing impact to Cleansing Rampage - to allow IndoG1 access to some strong turn 1 damage in PVP. Perhaps we could go a step further and allow indoraptors evasive stance to affect the entire team in raids - similarly to its raid counter part.

As it is indoraptor has little use in jurassic world alive. Please Ludia, lets change that.


A Unique built from 2 commons and 1 Epic doesn’t warrant more than what it is.

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Explain monolometrodon. If Indoraptor received these changes, monolometrodon would still be better.


1 common and one epic, actually


let’s see. I mean it has the worth of three commons cuz one common is the same so its harder to get plus indo really does derserve some love, indom has gotten itself to peak level even though the real version would break the game. indo should at least be good cuz yet again the real version would be op in the game just not broken like indy.

Here’s a rework of it:


correction 1 common and one epic

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Monolometrodon is an anomaly right now and will inevitably be nerfed

Honestly, the APR nerf doesn’t bother me too much. It’s still a beast in Jurassic ruins.

This creature modification keeps it on the lower end of the spectrum for uniques due to it being made of 1 epic and 1 common. Although this is a minor rebalancing due to it being the famed indoraptor

I would have Group Shattering impact instead of cunning. It was made with a fierce creature, have it be part fierce

so was erlidom and its pure cunning.

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Only thing I wish on indoraptor is a shattering move again


True. Then again it was cunning from the start, Indo had 3 fierce moves then 2. Due to the meta, this would struggle even worse.

it wouldn’t be struggling in the meta is Ludia could actually balance their game. Resil abilities are too powerful and too far reaching for the majority of any cunning creatures to do anything worthwhile.
and ludia thinks its the stats of cunnings that cause them to not be used.


Yes. Resilient is too good.


id say since it can basically cleanse distraction every turn, reduce its distraction resistance to 50%.
but other than that, i like this one.


I’ve updated it

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