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Buff Indoraptor - Gen 1/Unique

Unfortunately it’s OP, by a lot


It’s good but I feel 1500 attack will be ok and 75% distraction, 75% crit reduction, 100% stun, 50% speed reduction and some bit of rend resistance would be good.

Speed resistance or speed immunity may also help INDO G1 a lot too

Those that are trying to make Indoraptor useful in raid are wrong. First thing they do is remove Mutual Fury, yet, combined with Dilo, this is a already winning combination for many raids. You remove Mutual Fury and add Group attack and suddenly Dilo is no longer being used in raids (and since it’s not that useful in Arena, you simply kill it). So do not focus on raids, do not remove Mutual Fury otherwise, you literally kill another Unique which is somewhat useful now. So yes, not for how hard it is to make but because it is a “trademark” of the franchise, sure enough it should be buffed, but I would say stick with resistances (speed!) or buff attacks, but I would not touch Mutual Fury.

What do you think of Indoraptor
  • Needs a slight buff
  • Balanced
  • Needs a slight nerf

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