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Buff Indoraptor Gen1!

Not Gen2. Gen2 is fine. Gen1 needs a buff… it needs deceleration resistance, and it used to break shields… now it’s wrecked by Sheilds… Heck evasive Stance seems to be working less… Indomimus Rex is atm better then Indoraptor. How would I improve Indoraptor? Well…

1500 Attack is nessecary. It should be stronger. It’s speed should be 131 because it’s 66% velociraptor! Most of its moves are fine, but give it Defence Shattering Rampage back. End it off with a 50% resistance to deceleration and give it 100% distraction resistance. That’s all for now.


Evasive stance had it’s chance lowered - it’s now 50% chance to dodge.

Indoraptor does need a buff, though.


Totally agree wolf, immune to decel and DSR back would be perfect for Indo gen 1

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Yea kind feels like this patch is anti indos

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Indo is fine, it just need buff at evasive stance and nerf resilient move ( precise not remove dodge and cloak). Give it immune to deceleration and DSR back ?? It will be the new ProRat and nitro Thor since it is easy to lvl up

Anti-Indos is an understatement. Try “Anti-Dodgers/Speedsters”. Seems to fit with all the Resilient Moves surging in the Arenas

As for the OP’s Concern, my suggestion is to either rework the whole moveset:

Cleansing Shattering Strike (Or just piercing)
DSR (or just APR)
ES (but buffed to original chance of 75%, and the amount of damage one receives if it successfully dodges, only 75%. These new changes should be implemented on other moves with a Dodge Mechanic)

Or simply just revert its moveset/stats to Pre-Update 2.0


It would still be vulnerable to resilient

Yea tbh I won’t be surprised if the indo move sets are revised next patch, either tat or the resilient moves are changed. Its just too lopsided atm.

Neither of them are fine since they’re both kinda useless in this meta. They were both hit pretty hard. I know people hate indo gen2 but It didn’t deserve such a harsh nerf.
I guess the first step to buffing indo would be to redistribute resilient moves better and remove the precise effect from all the other slowing moves. The precise should be exclusive to resilient moves and not that many creatures should have It. The other thing would be reverting evasive stance to what It was before. It never needed this nerf, It was perfectly fine, having just 50% chance to dodge os ridiculously inneficient.

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Or if Ludia wants to have ES with that current chance then make it dodge 100% again

Easy way to fix both and make them good for how hard they are to get

Cunning Strike
Cleansing Impact
ES (reworked to my above post or reverted back to1.14 ES)
100% Stun/Distraction/Decel

Gen2 could go 2 ways as if we make it so that dodge is 50%, 100% it would be high tyrant again

Gen2 (1)
CS (as it is now)
Long Dodge (ik this was in the game already but it’ll be a 75% percent for 66.7% damage instead of 50%, 100%) CD:2
Immune to Stun/Distract

Gen2 (2)
Definite Strike
Distracting Impact
Shield Breaking Rampage (Destroy Shields, Deal 2x damage)
Instant Distraction
100% Stun/Distract/Decel

Instead of a more technical, cunning indo, we get our stronger berserker indo, more destructive then the original.’This is not the one I’d like to have, but it’s truly an anti-tank speedster.

Note that the Gen2 was supposed to be better per JP canon, and the fact that it’s made of a local night, daily, and exclusive, vs a global epic and common

Also give it 100% stun res

Health: 3900
Attack: 1550
Speed: 129
Cleansing Strike
Armor Piercing Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Evasive Stance

It definitely needs some help. This is what I thought may be a nice lift for it.

Hp: 3900
Attack: 1350
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Crit: 20%

Cunning Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage


Distraction- 75%
Stun- 100%


While the kits are good, they should never be immune to decel or they’ll lose their main counters.

Yeah, essentially, both indos just joined the “fun” and relevant speedsters club.

I agree! It need a buff! They were made useless in this patch!! I hope Ludia keeps listening and brings him back!

Either give it back its Shattering Rampage or make it immune to decel…one of the 2.

Joining the call for the Indo to be given a boost. Minimally, it should regain DSR. As of now, it is completely useless.