Buff Indoraptor Gen2 (No joke)

In this topic I want to talk about why Indoraptor gen 2 should get a damage and moveset buff. Why I like him is because he actually has good health for a cunning, considering that cunnings literally have like no health. I think he should get a moveset buff because He doesn’t have an attack that does big damage. Put in an attack called: Swift Pounce. Does high pounce damage but also giving a small dodge buff. Replace this with Evasive stance or whatever his priority dodge move is called. I hope you understand and agree with me.

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As an Indo gen 2 user myself, I understand your decision. The Swift pounce should actually replace D.I as it would reduce damage by 50% any ways


yep i would be happy for the old guy to get a boost even if its speed reduction immunnity :stuck_out_tongue: or a resilent counter :stuck_out_tongue:



10 char

i think indo gen 2 is fine as he is, but, if i were to buff him, id change distracting impact for cunning impact or cunning rampage, just so that it could remove atk buffs when necessary other than that im fine with his kit overall


That could work too


Indoraptor Gen 2 fulfills it’s purpose.
Killing Indom.


Indoraptor G2 is already balanced it’s a good counter for a lot of flocks


I hate this thing with a passion and have no pity for how broken it was. But, for game balance, it should be much stronger than it is given it’s a legendary Superhybrid. I think the stats are fine, but that Moveset is pretty meh. I’d say it could get Daring Impact to replace Distracting Impact (Cooldown 1, same effects as Daring Strike) and Possibly Cunning Evasive Impact for Evasive Stance, or make a new move called Evasive Cunning Impact. Basically just smash Evasive Impact and Cunning Impact. WITHOUT PRIORITY and with a 2 turn cooldown.

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Me too. I know the OG Indog2 was op in that meta, but then it got such a hard nerf, it really made it unusable in the arenas. Would love to see this girl shine again. And, TBF, I bet her old moveset would fit in nicely with the current meta.

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This should do it justice

And by justice you mean leading it to an unavoidable nerf?


No thanks. Don’t want a creature that can destroy shields and cant be distracted.


Toven?it’s can’t be distracted and has rdr

I can just remove bait

And critical ambush and instant cunning impact and fierce rampage

Why should fierce rampage be removed?Instant cunning impact is debatable,critical ambush can go

Change Fierce Rampage to daring Rampage, its still strong just cant bypass shield

Instant cunning impact had cooldown 1. That speaks for itself.