Buff Indoraptor Gen2 (No joke)

Lowered its attack,also removed ca and bait

Why?fierce rampage should stay because then anything with shields won’t just run though it

Because it will make it better than the OG, at least give it a different playstyle

It won’t,the reason it was good was because it could cautious,it can’t now,besides the og had definite rampage not fierce

No it didn’t….? It only had defense shattering rampage…

I stand corrected nvm. Thinking of a different dino

Yeah. True. It has 1500 base damage that can be buffed by MF and bait. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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That’s why IO removed bait

indoraptor gen 2 is good for raids… i wont remove the distracting impact… it does distraction for 2 turns. kinda good in some raids. also having a special move that does no damage saves it from getting countered by hadros, croc apex, ect.

the original indoraptor is better for PvP, useless for raids.

Well then what else could be changed besides ES? Cautious Strike is already really good and works well, and removing MF hurts a lot of fast strats. If you want to, you could have DI turn in DRDR so that it has a 1 turn cooldown rampage that still has distraction for 2 turns, and helps with its revenge kills. Then for ES that could be removed completely and could have it be something that nullifies all opponent’s shields and applies more ferocity to the team or distraction to all opponents.

Or better,evasive cunijg impact but a two turn cooldown and a two turn dodge

That’s good. But if you do that, maybe nerf the damage or Hp to balance it out.

Save your negativity if you don’t like it

Indoraptor Gen 2 rework

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Make it a cunning fierce while giving it precise shattering rampage

Also they’re isn’t definite rampage on it

Yes, would love her buffed! I still remember the OG Indog2 :laughing: :heart:


Oh hell no


10 Chars


Give it distraction immunity and remove cod,give precise shattering rampage