Buff Indoraptor in 1.9

Indoraptor should be at the VERY LEAST an apex high-borderline tyrant tier dino. It’s an icon for the series just like t rex and blue, the only difference it is a UNIQUE. The name of your game, our game, says it all too… JURASSIC WORLD. Alive.

Get indo a buff. Should be a fantastic all around dino to use. Not mediocre. After all, it’s nearly everyone’s first unique to unlock.

Like previously mentioned, give him evasive strike if you’re going to keep the new dodge mechanics and/or remove the chance to get 100% hit during evasive. Should be 1/3 damage always while using evasive not a chance to also get a full blown hit.
Or give him Cloak back and keep the rest as is. Maybe reduce his hp a tad bit because of the cloak.

Im sure many agree.


I can see where you are coming from , but equally as galling was the latest nerf to Magna which is much harder to get and it’s become useless with the buff to the rat which can easily take it out in one .
I think it’s best to accept that there are some very strange decisions made by Ludia , and the power of the rat is one of them along with the nerf to Indo , Magna and all evasive and dodge dinos .


YES. So much yes.

Indoraptor either needs cloak or Immunity back.


Cloak can be the answer. Same thing i thought.
With immunity you should get rid of cleansing impact, and the move that makes more sense to switch it with is pounce, making indo another magnapyritor.
And cloak + defence shattering combo is something that this game wasn’t ready for at all in 1.2, but absolutely will be in 1.9, especially with reduced crit multiplier.


Cleansing Strike
Distracting Impact
Definite Rampage

Make it happen!


Anything at this point lol


the nerf was about dodge. its almost useless move now.
if they just replace dodge with another ability it would be fine.


i WAS THINKING… if ludia decides to keep the small damage bypassing even when dodged they at least should make it instead of 66% of non-bypassing damage 90%


Give it Immunity

Swap Cleansing Impact with Pounce

Swap Evasive Stance with Cloak

Boom, Indo is now good again


I dont thing changing pounse fo cleansing is a good idea since it has DSR; a distraction impact could be nicer

Just have dodge also cause 1 time damage

The nerf hasn’t been the bad for me. I still have boosted indoraptors doing significant damage to my team. Plus it’s cloak used to fail so much anyway.

I’d be surprised if it drops a tier even.

Yeah and look how they’ve treated T-rex. One of the least used dinos in the game once you start unlocking uniques.


Ah but T-rex is one of the most used DNA :thinking:

It’s literally just hybrid food for most players though. How many people level it beyond 20 and actually use it on their team? They turned their icon into a fusing component.

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Well it bites stuff. Unless there was a fear mechanic, that’s about all it should do

Not to mention Blue, who is a total badass in the movies, and a complete creampuff in the game. Even with the “buff”, a low level DC takes it out in one shot - pretty much anything takes it out in one shot…


Same with indom… it was the most heavily featured dino in the first jurassic world for most people its just erlidom ingredients.

Well to be fair Indoraptor is only an icon of one movie, and hinted at in the end of JW.

Also I think Indoraptor was pretty over rated as Blue beat it…even toe to toe in kids bedroom, having Blue send Indo flying out the window!

But in terms of this game and with the change to dodge, I accept Indo needs to be altered to make up for it.

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I’m glad indo has plenty of support from us.
It deserves better, that’s the consensus. All signs point to it being nerfed too harshly. It wasn’t necessary.
Indo should be the dino that’s just an all around player capable of neutralizing anything that’s thrown at him with the right balance of mortality. It would not be “op” as mostly everyone has one at this point so it would be on us if we want to use him or not.

I hope the devs/mods do see this post or any of the posts made about this case and listen to us for 1.9.
I’m still using indo in my team. In fact, I’ll be leveling him to 30 on Sunday due to the indo event. I’ve spent way too many resources and boosts to just bench it. I don’t think it’s terrible though it can and should be considerably better for what he is: an icon of the franchise.