Buff indoraptor

I think indoraptor should be buffed it is weak compared to indominus rex itself because of the cloak, the top image is just for an example.


No thanks. The arena at the moment is super stale, and buffing Indo means everyone will try to get it, level it, and boost it, meaning even LESS diversity. Friendly reminder as well that Indoraptor has 3 raids going for it, and that nearly everyone Aviary and up has a ton of stuff needed to level Indoraptor. Again, buffing it means everyone will go for it and nearly every battle would be nothing but Indoraptors fighting each other. Also, Indoraptor is a beginner Unique, and does it’s role as a BEGINNER Unique, and should not be as good as other Uniques. It should benefit you for a while, until you unlock new and better stuff. So, please. No Indoraptor buff.


Indoraptor is the last creature that needs a buff. They’re all over aviary and estate at the momen. Pretty much Thor trolls but cunning fierce


The indoraptor needs a buff, the indominus rex have a cloak so the indoraptor needs a cloak, the indoraptor is more harder to get than the indominus rex but it doesn’t have any cloak, so it is not balanced.

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You have no points at all SomeDudeOnTheForums, indoraptor is rarer than indominus rex, it needs a buff that is more balanced.

The move camouflage is better than cloak because of the two turns only cooldown and the many other effects it does, meaning that this thing is better than erlidom which is way harder to get.


TheAngrySuchomimus, please read it fully, it is just an example not what the ability i want

It is harder to get than Indom, but is super easy to find as a Unique. Leveling it is really easy, excluding coins, (Like every Dino) just raid, dart, and you’re pretty much set. If it’s going to get a buff, it should be very minor, and should only slightly improve it’s ability to be a beginner Unique. Maybe Daring Rampage instead of APR and Daring Strike instead of Cunning Strike, but that’s it. Indoraptor is again, a beginner Unique, that shouldn’t get you farther than Aviary.


I don’t think Indotaptor needs a buff. It’s one of the easiest uniques to get, and a lot of people have it. So if it was buffed it would become oppressive and that wouldn’t be fun


This is exactly what I’m referring to. Buffing it would pollute the arena with Indoraptors, and make battling super repetitive.


What i mean is that indoraptor needs a cloak, because why will you need a indoraptor when indominus rex has a cloak and indoraptor has a dodge

What i mean is that the buff is not super overpowered it just need to be slightly better than indominus rex
Example of this is:

Indoraptor is fine. Not every Unique can be the best one. Some, like Indo, have to be the worst.


Does anyone read this in the top of the post?, I did not say i want to buff indoraptor to have camouflage

Feel like all it needs is daring strike that’s it.
I just think it having cloak with high speed and armour piercing is too strong.
Like indom has armour piercing but it’s slow so you can remove the self buff.

Meh. A while back the indorapter was nerfed. I don’t love using it. Argentyryx or Megalotops is a better placeholder than indorapter.

Indo doesn’t need to be better than indom. The arena will be indo vs indo if a buff occurs… Where’s the diversity in that?


No indo does not need a buff whether its g1 or g2

G2 for starters does doesn’t need to be op again

Indoraptor is just way too easy to get which is why it should be worse

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Op, cloak + difinite impact is a joke

Normally an example should be along the lines of what you want and that’s why I criticized it. If it’s not the buff you want for indo, fine but what buff do you actually want?

Indoraptor absolutely does not need a buff. It is by far one of the easiest uniques to create. Besides its dna components being easy to collect, it has a raid, so that just makes it even easier to obtain. Indoraptor does NOT need a buff. Its a perfect starter unique, but it does not need to stay on your team. You will eventually unlock far better uniques like phorurex or indotaurus. Indoraptor is fine as is, the only thing I’d change about it would be to change evasive stance to camouflage, thats it.