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Buff indoraptor

Canon wise Indoraptor is weak compared to Indominus.

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While I don’t agree with this rework I do agree that indo needs a buff
Its just one of the worst uniques in the game right now and really needs a buff

Y’all just want Indo buffed because you invested a lot on it and realized it’s not going to get you any further than library, but instead of just benching it and using something actually good like Spyx or Scorp3, you want a buff for a creature that isn’t even supposed to be that strong.


If anything needs buff its Vexus, Made from 2 epic + one common yet its still the worst unique so far, heck it ia probably the worst unique.


No indoraptor iš the FIRST creature that needs a buff

That’s like saying Thor needs a buff. It’s all over aviary, and it’s arguably the easiest unique to get even if you can’t do raids

I feel like a cloak is a bit too powerful but maybe sheild breaking would be better

What do you mean everyone will try to get it level it and boost it. It’s super easy to get and level. Literally everyone should have it at 30 by two years ago.


not newer players