Buff Majundaboa! [Poll]

Here’s my proposed buff:

Simple bump to 4200 HP (Equal to Purutaurus), and minor Crit bump to 10%. Even if you don’t like my particular buff option, I hope it’s pretty much unanimous that this thing needs some kind of love.

As it stands Majundaboa is terrible pretty much exclusively because it’s health is hilariously bad.

What do you guys think?

Do you want Majundaboa to be buffed?
  • Yes
  • No

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It can definitely be made better, but it isn’t horrible

Give it a rampage.


Boa really does need some type of health boost in general.

I’d argue that having more HP is more crucial to It as a counter attacker than having a rampage

Why not both?


I will say that I’m not super versed in how strong Majundaboa is or isn’t, but it certainly isn’t particularly strong in tournaments. Some more HP would definitely help as a counter attacker. Getting precise rampage would also help. But with ferocity, counters, etc. it has the potential for really good damage output (6750 over two turns if you start with ferocity, assuming the damage buff doesn’t get removed, since it probably would). So if I had to pick one, it would be more HP.


I mean, you kinda answered yourself :laughing:
I feel like If It had a rampage, let’s say, precise rampage in place of precise impact, It would have incredible damage output, so making It balanced would probably imply choosing either the rampage or HP. And for me the obvious answer in terms of counter attacker utility is more HP. It actually already has a great kit that works well, It just needs the health to use It effectively.

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I guess part of the problem is that it rarely gets to use all of it’s potential damage output. It needs ferocity for that, but it’s also very clearly anti-cunning (specifically anti-dodge), so it’ll constantly be getting it’s ferocity removed. At least it’s immune to distraction, right?

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True, tho It seems like It is more of an anti tank resilient than an anti cunning resilient, even If It can kill cunning creatures

It doesn’t have any bleed or shield break though, so it’s not really anti tank. It’s only armor piercing move also removes dodge. Between that and precise impact, plus shielded decelerating strike, it’s WAAAAY more geared against dodge than tanks.

Honestly I would rather put a new focus on counters and buff the counter with consecutive strikes for this creature with the first being a definite number and the second being a range so it is random.

Lol suggesting more RNG won’t be very popular here :joy:

Adding more HP does at least allow it to use more counters overall, so that’s probably the way to go. But if you want the counter to work twice, why not have it just do 2x damage? Not that I think it needs that though.


It does work against both but has weaknessess against both, I’d say it’s just not especialised in either, may be a more generalist type of resilient :thinking:

You can not keep attacking random number generators as bad. They are a part of gaming. And this creature could benefit heavily. I have been pushing the Consecutive Counter Attack for some time now and this creature could really use it.

So could Carnotaurus.

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Defensively neither are particularly strong against it, but offensively it has far more anti-dodge tools than anything else. You can say that pretty much any resilient is defensively strong against cunnings and resilients.


I know that, but people here (not saying I’m one of them or agree with them) pretty much want to abolish any and all RNG in JWA. I’ve even heard calls to get rid of critical hits. In my experience, I’m one of the more outspoken defenders of RNG where it is appropriate.

You could do a consecutive counter (or any other kind of move), but unless it was random how many hits it did (which again would not be a very popular suggestion), it would have to hit a given number of times. And if it hits, for example, three times, why not just have a counter that hits once and does 3x damage?

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Though It does have offensive capabilities against tanks, If they have no shields they are vulnerable to the counter.

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Yeah, but that move is even stronger against dodge, since it removes it. Weighing one anti-tank move (that depends on the opponent not having a shield) against three anti-dodge moves, it’s very clear (to me at least) what it counters the strongest.

You can even look at resistances: 100% immunity to distraction, but only 50% resistance to deceleration.

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