Buff Majundaboa! [Poll]

Defensively neither are particularly strong against it, but offensively it has far more anti-dodge tools than anything else. You can say that pretty much any resilient is defensively strong against cunnings and resilients.


I know that, but people here (not saying I’m one of them or agree with them) pretty much want to abolish any and all RNG in JWA. I’ve even heard calls to get rid of critical hits. In my experience, I’m one of the more outspoken defenders of RNG where it is appropriate.

You could do a consecutive counter (or any other kind of move), but unless it was random how many hits it did (which again would not be a very popular suggestion), it would have to hit a given number of times. And if it hits, for example, three times, why not just have a counter that hits once and does 3x damage?

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Though It does have offensive capabilities against tanks, If they have no shields they are vulnerable to the counter.

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Yeah, but that move is even stronger against dodge, since it removes it. Weighing one anti-tank move (that depends on the opponent not having a shield) against three anti-dodge moves, it’s very clear (to me at least) what it counters the strongest.

You can even look at resistances: 100% immunity to distraction, but only 50% resistance to deceleration.

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No it only hits two times. I said the first strike would be a definite number like let’s just say it does 1175 damage and then the second move does anywhere between 1175 and 2165 damage.

BUT you have just given me an idea!

I would like to officially hold off on announcing it though.

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I think that multi-hit attacks could be an interesting and useful addition to the game, and could make matchups much closer, if people could get past the RNG. I do think all hits should do the same damage though, with the number of hits being the only variable. You could have matchups where Dino A loses if their attack only hits once, but they win if it hits twice. So it would give Ludia very fine control over some relatively even matchups. They aren’t the only way to do this, but it would be interesting to see.

It really only needs stat buffs. It’s damage potential is fine honestly with the moves it has. I’d rather RnG not be involved if at all possible

But it’s a snake. A snake rapidly biting twice or more times in succession makes sense.

We could make consecutive counter attacks exclusive to snakes, but I’ve already made a thread on it.

But isn’t it attacking multiple times with a normal strike and then a counter strike already?

No. It’s not at all like that. I’ve explained that already in detail in the other thread:

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Neat idea, but probably over complicated for this game’s working mechanics.

If you want more damage on a counter, just make the counter hit harder I.e. 1.25X Raking counter, 1.5X Decel counter, etc. But for Majundaboa specifically I think more HP is enough to foot the bill

What about a priority shield move like Defensive Stance? That way it would have a way to counter high turn-1 non-shattering damage, like from Rixis.
Procerathomimus also wouldn’t be able to instantly nullify the shield.
Plus the shield from defensive stance lasts longer, and it cleanses.


It’s about style. Just give it three Rampages then. There’s a buff.

That’s a really good idea. It could replace Cleansing Impact, because really CI is redundant with the amount of resistance MBoa has.

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It’d still get dropped before turn 2 just like now :laughing:

Like I said, HP boost. All that’s necessary, simple fix.


Yeah, but still…

I was pointing out absurdity.

I feel like it should also gain 100 percent speed decrease resistance as well, as 50 percent is no different to 0. It isn’t very fast anyway, so would only make a difference against those that are slower than it and has speed decrease immunity such as Brontolasmus.

Whats absurd about a direct targeted buff to it’s main weakness? Making it’s counter attack multiple times per hit isn’t absurd, but it does less to address the core problems with Majubdaboa than an HP buff.

Lol I forgot that defensive stance used to be a thing :joy: I think it would work on Majubdaboa. Anything that increases it’s survivability would help.