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Buff majundaboa

I know ludia have made majundaboa to be a yoshi counter, but it just insn’t viable enough to be used in epic tournaments so I have a rework for majundaboa (well not really a rework but just a buff)

Hp: 4660
Dmg: 1200
Spd: 110
Def: 0%
Crit: 20%

Shielded decel strike
Ferocious strike
Precise rampage
Cleansing impact

Immune to distract
On escape dust cloud
Raking counter

This buff will make majundaboa be able to beat yoshi 95% of the time (with 10 HP left)even if it is set up. It will also beat Indo gen 2 in legendary tournaments as well. This will make majundaboa viable and yoshi less oppressive.


Do you forgot raking counter?

Oh yeah. Ten characters. I edited it now


4660 is too much. 4200 is enough. With 1200 attack and PR she would still be able to beat a Yoshi, even with DR ready


She should still have 4660 HP, that way, she can counter Yoshi even if DR is ready.

As I said, with 1200 attack and PR she can counter Yoshi even with DR ready. Look:

  1. Yoshi uses DR. Boa is left with 1100 HP.
  2. Boa counters. Yoshi is left with 2400 HP
  3. Boa uses PR, dealing exactly 2400 dmg, killing Yoshi

I’d think swap in invincibility would work too


I love this. I really hate how majundaboa was supposed to be a yoshi counter but if you predict wrong then you’ll just lose anyway